Self Destructing Hotspots

I'm creating a custom template to help me map the decks of the habitat ring of a large rotating space station. (13 decks averaging about a mile long with widths varying from 72 to 114 feet for a total area of 155 acres. Since each map will cover a 30° arc of one deck, that's a 156 maps! 😲) I want the template map title to be a hotspot that runs a script that asks some questions to prepare the map; specifically the deck number (1-13) and the sector (α, β, γ and δ) and subsectors to be mapped. After customizing the map title and the drawing grid (1° divisions vary in size from deck to deck) I want the script to erase the hotspot that called it. Is there any reason the deletion wouldn't work?

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    I don't think that should be any issue.

    When deleting an entity, it isn't removed from the drawing list untill the next save anyway, it is just marked as deleted, so even if the code running the macro needs to hold a reference to the entity (which I don't know if it does), it should still be valid.

    Haven't tried this though. I recommend you give it a go in a simpler test scenario first.



  • The core idea was a "use-only-once" hotspot that cleaned up after itself. I wouldn't even need a script if I didn't need to validate my inputs.

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