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So I am making a map for DND and I am in the process of making the map itself with all the landscape. I also have citydesigner 3 and want to make towns and not use the stickers you can use. Is there a way to add the towns you make to the map. I know the angle isnt the same but it doesnt matter to me. Thanks alot.


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    Even if you are in an overland map, you can still just open the various symbol catalogs from City Designer using the Open Symbol Catalog button. You can also use the drawing tools from CD3, but this require you to import the fill styles from the city map into your map.

    BUT, I do not recommend this. Trying to draw a tiny village on an overland map generally just looks like a mess when you zoom out and view the whole map. It may work if the map is something like a small island with a village or two on it, but it doesn't work very well if the overland map is any greater scale than this. Remember that a properly scaled house on an overland map would be TINY.

    There is also the issue of performance, if you try to map out a lot of tiny villages on your overland map, you are adding A LOT of extra entities to the map to do this, which can lead to poor performance if you take this far enough.

  • I find it best to draw a city map separately and hyperlink it to the main map.

  • Ok thank you, I will also do the hyperlink thing. Another question. I am trying to make a map that is 6000km wide and 3800km tall. what would I put for the units when making a new map

  • Also my image that I am going to trace is too large I think because smaller images work but it doesnt. Its a picture from my Iphone camera and the quality is quite good. The map is drawn on A3 paper and I am trying to trace it so we can have it digitally. Currently I went into photoshop and cut it up into 4 pieces and am importing them seperatly but getting it to fit is a pain. It doesnt have to fit perfectly but I dont want to lower the quality as I wont be able to see the smaller things then. Any way to do this easily?

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    Km - units can be whatever you want - so make a map 6000x3800 in the map wizard. if possible choose a metric version so your bitmaps and drawing tools and symbols are appropriately sized. But they can be anything - gabledlygookies (a fantasy unit of measurement = 0.387291 miles 😁)

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    How large is your image (file size/resolution wise)? If it is indeed to large for it to be inserted into CC3+, I would probably reduce the resolution a bit rather than cut it up into parts. No need to overdo the quality since it is just for tracing.

    You can keep a copy of the higher quality image on a different screen if you need to check a specific detail

  • Its fine it was just the scale, it was too square I guess. Pretty weird. Another question, how do I change the landmass border(outline) for specific islands because they are small and the borders need to be smaller

  • I mean the stuff ive already drawn because when I draw an island the border goes to what I set it to

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    Depending on the style. If you are using the standard CC3 Mike Schley style, you can just use Change Properties on the Outline entity, it is on the COASTLINE sheet.

  • I do that but there is no option to change the border size, I can go into the landmass tool and change the thickness as I draw which is what i will do from now on but I see no way to re size the landmass border for the already drawn stuff.

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    Just change the line width for the outline in the change properties dialog.

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    I found out how to do it from another forum. It was selecting the border and the landmass so I had to change it to just the border.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Don't use it on the land mass entity, you should only change the outline entity on the COASTLINE sheet.

    As for filling, In CC3+, an entity is filled if line width is set to 0, otherwise it is a hollow entity with the outline with set to whatever you set the line width as.

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