September Annual: City Cliffs

RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy

The September Annual is now available. Sue Daniel created a wonderful set of connecting symbols that let you draw precipitous cliffs in your city and town maps with just a few easy clicks, along with special features like gaps, stack, ascending roads and waterfalls.

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 8 images Mapmaker Administrator
    edited September 2

    These looks great. Can't wait to find a good time and opportunity to play with them.

  • I was hoping these would come this month. I NEED them for my Shessaria map. Yay Sue!

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    Thanks Shessar! Yay to Ralf too, who had the headache of sorting out one of the most disorganised annuals I've ever not really prepared all that well!

  • Well then, Yay to Ralf too! 😁

  • Nice work, Sue and Ralf. The cliffs look fantastic! Looking forward to getting a minute to experiment with them :)

  • Oh, wow. That looks very handy.

  • I hope to use this annual as well. Not sure when though.

  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy

    Hi folks! My apologies, there was a file location error in the setup which might have resulted in red Xs showing up in the example files. This is fixed not in the current setup (as of Wednesday morning, Sep 2nd, 6:45 GMT). Please re-download the setup from your registration page if you grabbed it before that time.

  • Thank you Sue and Ralf for an amazing addition.

    I'm looking forward to trying them out. :)

  • Ralf, I was having that issue, and so I re-downloaded the setup, ran it, uninstalled it, and then re-installed it, but I'm still seeing the red Xs.

  • Ralf, I re-downloaded and ran a repair install ,but like @starkllr , I also still have the red x's in the samples.

  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy

    Hm, it did offer a repair/remove option? That's not right, meaning the setup didn't update. I'll check the files on the server.

  • It did offer that option. I tried the repair, with no luck, and then the remove option and reinstallation.

  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy

    Ah, yes the file upload failed to overwrite the older setup. It is fixed now, please try again. The setup should look like a fresh install, overwriting the older version (i.e. no Repair/Remove option).

  • It worked perfectly this time Ralf. Thank you!

  • This is the annual I've been needing for a long time.

    Thank you very much.

  • gbwilkesgbwilkes Newcomer
    edited September 3

    Hi Guys ,

    Just watched the live stream it was very helpfull, thanks for all your hard work.

    I allready plan a city in a Dormant Volcano (??) and tried to create it with the tool set and it works great will post images later.

    Once again thanks


  • The livestream was brilliant, thanks again Ralf. :)

    I've not watched them before, but I won't be missing any in future.

  • Great video tutorial, great style by Sue. However, I need to finish the city I am working on before getting started on an oriental one with cliffs for the Atlas.

  • Just watched the video. I most certainly will be getting this year's annual, it has moved to the top of my CC3+ wishlist!

  • So many other good things too - Spectrum style (with more to come) Ryecroft city, Ferrais style and Wataboe city style - .

  • Love the City Cliffs Annual. I may have missed something but the guide states:

    "Adding a Waterfall For a final touch up of the cliff face, let us add a quick waterfall. Use the Water drawing tool and draw a river straight across the cliff face."

    Where do you find the Water drawing tool? I tried a few things but couldn't find the tool. Help?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 8 images Mapmaker Administrator
    edited September 4

    You should find it at the end of the list of drawing tools when clicking All Map Drawing Tools.

  • Ok found it thanks a bunch!


  • Amazing work, thanks Sue!!!

  • Yes, great addition Sue. Thanks for your help over on the FB page...

  • Ralf, your map above was posted and complimented on at under Maps and Floorplans.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    That's interesting, Jim.

    I couldn't find it - but I'm not familiar with the site so I might just have been looking in the wrong place.

  • My apologies, here is a link direct to the discussion.

    This link goes to the forum of Maps and Floorplans.

  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Traveler
    edited September 11

    Two things puzzle me about this great map:

    1. Why didn't you name the rivers?
    2. And which way does the lower river flow, east or west?
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