The Priory of Even

Hi, everyone. This is a detailed plan of the Priory of Even, a building I created for a Dragonlance D&D adventure at the time frozen settlement of Even, in Northern Ergoth. The city plan will take me a while yet, because the City in a rock post by Sue has opened a lot of new avenues for my already finished map that I want to explore. I mixed a couple of dungeon styles, mostly Jon Roberts floors with SS4 + Forlorn Cottage an a few symbols from the CSUAC pack, and just a little Photoshop this time for the final details. Enjoy!


  • daperdepadaperdepa Traveler
    Here the first floor.
  • daperdepadaperdepa Traveler
    The second floor.
  • daperdepadaperdepa Traveler
    And the top floor. Enjoy!
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    I think this adequately illustrates that even though FB has more active members, the forum is still the best place to present maps. I can see them much better here!

    Great work, Daniel :D
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
    These looks great.

    I am not 100% crazy about the placement of the legend text. I would probably have moved the entire complex a bit to the right so you can fit the legend text in the bottom left corner, and moved the compass rose either above it, or reduced it a little bit and put it in the right corner.
  • daperdepadaperdepa Traveler
    Thank you both. I agree that the quality of maps here is much better for in-depth examination, so I try to upload my maps in both the forums and the FB page to maximize exposition. As for the legend, Monsen, I was concerned about the font not being easily read at a smaller size. Worn Manuscript has a beautiful "dark and scary" look, but some letters are hard to differentiate. But I have to agree with you, text in these particular maps are what I am less satisfied about.
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