Flattening all landmasses for manual uplift

Are there any problems that may arise later if I do the following in FT3?
  1. Select all altitude above, say, 500'
  2. Global set altitude to 500'
  3. Fill in the holes that get created from that
  4. Manually sculpt the land from there
I can't see any reason why that won't allow me to use the coastlines, so I don't have to raise the land all the way from the seafloor, but, before I spend a lot of hours sculpting, I'm just wondering if there are any reasons this won't work.



  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    It sounds like a really drastic thing to do.

    Since I haven't done anything like that before, I wouldn't know, but I generally advise people to do things gradually with a large brush and a low power - which is quite the opposite to what you are proposing.
  • Then I shall experiment and see how it comes out
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    I would be wary of doing anything too extreme or you may end up with artefacts that are nearly impossible to get rid of later. I tend to use the Prescale offset brushes at very very low power only, and nothing else - since these don't seem to do half as much damage as the rest of the tools.
  • No harm in experimenting. see what you get, but put your original with a separate name so you don't save over it. (voice of experience - ugh)
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    I played around in FT3 and Wilbur this morning. This was maybe 30 minutes of actual work, just to see how things would look after erosion. So far, I'm not seeing anything problematic, it would just take awhile to do a full world. One thing I did learn is that the edit resolution needs to be cranked up, or you get a ton of holes when you level everything (as in about half a landmass disappears). I usually work at 8000, so I didn't notice it until the resolution reset one time. One kind of unrelated question: why do things always look so much better in Wilbur?
  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy
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    Things look different in Wilbur and in FT because Wilbur always locks the editing and display resolutions to the same size, but FT interpolates its editing data to the current display resolution. Turning on the raw height field option in FT (Map>>World Settings:Secondary Page) may give you a display that's more similar between the two.
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