Icons seem drawn by a child


I've recently buyed a Humble Bundle with many ProFantasy tools, including CC+3.
The first time I've run it I can see just icons which seem drawn by a baby (I can guess it's a sort of software protection against cracks?).
How can I use the very beautiful icons I can see in the manual and online? (I'm a registered user of course).

Attahced a screenshot of the "kid" palette...

Thanks in advance!


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
    edited August 13
    These are old legacy vector-style symbols.

    If you start a new map in an appropriate style (Like Overland Maps -> CC3 Mike Schely Overland or CC3 standard overland), you should see the appropriate modern raster symbols. (Make sure to use 'decide settings myself' and not 'pre-defined template' in the new map wizard, this makes picking the right style easier.)

    You can also always manually load a symbol catalog using the Open Symbol Catalog image button. The Symbol Style Toggle image button also lets you toggle styles, but the styles it toggles through depend on the filter that is loaded, so it is not reliable to find a particular style (There are too many in CC3+ to toggle through them all)
  • For me, they resemble old treasure maps from before 1800.
  • Hi,

    thanks a lot, the 'decide settings myself' was the key :-D
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