Community World Atlas - Hermit's Island WIP

I have done some of the mapping of Hermit's Island and would like some suggestions about how it can be improved.
The island is 75,000 square miles/190,000 square kilometres in area, about the size of Great Britain. The mountains around Vespen Rift are granite and have a few volcanoes to the west, Furin Peak being the only active volcano.
The east coast is made of limestone karst and numerous sinkholes and cenotes are scattered across the jungles and wastelands. Illidun and Thul'duum were Mayan styled city states that destroyed each in a civil war 600 years ago.


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    It looks to be a very decent map, though it if is about the size of the UK you may need to adjust the size of your scale. The UK is about 900 miles north-south, and varies between 100 and 500 miles east-west.
  • The reefs seem far too large for the map this size. Are they meant to be offshore islands, sandbanks+ reefs or just reefs? I would use either a reef symbol, or Symbol fill (reef) (under the FS menu on the top of your map).
    @Sue - GB has shrunk in size as well as importance 3:)
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    At least on the map of the world as a cat, we aren't the ball the cat is playing with :P

    As for the reefs - maybe they're like Doggerland, which, if you drew it as a huge reef would be as big as England again.
  • The borders between the jungles and the plains seem a bit sharp. Except for when they are right against mountain chains or the ocean shouldn't there be transition zones? I suppose the Desporo Swamp and the Ashen Briar could be considered an extended ones and the Cordich Waste could be either abruptly elevated or subject to an arctic current (or both) but the blurred edges against the plains don't seem like enough.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I looked in my World atlas and it says that the UK is 94000 square miles, so Hermit's Island is closer in size to Senegal.
    The jungle edges of Gordich Waste and Ashen Briar were formed during the civil war and should be advancing as the land becomes more fertile.
    I will look at other maps that have reefs and fix it where necessary.
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  • The map of Hermits Island is nearly complete with tweaks done on the city symbols, jungle edge and reefs.
    Hydrons Grave is a platform reef that is home to Merfolk, Sea Elves and Sahaugin.
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  • Hi Monsen, this is the completed version of Hermits Island that can be added to the Atlas.

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