Jan. 2015 OSR Mapping Annual with CC3+

I thought I'd create a quick and easy encounter with the OSR B&W dungeon. It has been anything but easy.

The rooms work fine. The caves do not. They are not outlined, they do not, no matter what I've tried "Break and Trim" like the pdf says should happen. The Hatching does not automatically go behind everything. Is this an issue with CC3+ not doing what CC3 or even CC2 was able to do? I'm really frustrated right now as all I wanted to do was spend 15 minutes knocking together something quick and all it has done is make me want to chuck the computer out the window.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Seems to work out of the box for me.

    It is true that the caves do not have walls, as the mapping guide mentions, you'll have to add this with the wall tools afterwards (My preferred method would be different though, I would just make a copy of the floor polygon, and change width and fill and sheet on the copy instead)

    The fact that the hatching don't go behind looks like a sheet issue. Are your caves on the FLOORS sheet, and the hatching on the WALLS HATCHING sheet? Are these arranged so that WALLS HATCHING appears above FLOORS in the sheets list?
  • I just used it straight out of the box and nothing is working. I didn't see where it said to add the cave walls with the wall tool afterwards, very redundant and unexpected from ProFantasy.
  • WyvernWyvern Traveler
    The cave notes are on page 2 of the PDF mapping guide. I drew a pure caverns map using this style only a few weeks ago without any problems, and simply following that guide. Just make sure you draw the floors first, and then add the walls separately for the caves. As Monsen said, make sure your Sheet ordering is correct, so the hatching goes below the floors one.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    The way I read it on the FB page you might be using old installers and/or old CC versions.

    As I said there, you need to download current installers for the annuals which have all been updated to work fine with CC3+, and to make sure that you are running it in CC3+, and that CC3+ is updated with the current update number 25 from your account page.
  • jmabbottjmabbott Traveler
    I used this style for a dungeon map, did the floors, then walls and then drew a polygon around them with the fill pattern and did not have a problem. I agree with Monsen & wyvern that it is most likely a sheet ordering issue.
  • I've completely given up on using it. After printing it out it just looks like smudge lines and not very OSR that I remembered. I must be doing something wrong, I've got all the updates/installers in place. I guess this isn't the style for me. I will look for something else.
  • I haven't used any of the B&W styles as I have a hard time visualizing what I'm mapping.
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