[WIP] The Green Dragons Thieves Guild

I am still working on this map but expect to finish it up in the next day or two. I am always looking for comments


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Looking pretty nice.

    There are multiple circle shapes here though (rooms to the top left, edges of the water), what is the functionality of these? Given the water and the tunnel in the bottom right, I am guessing the guild have taken over part of the sewers, right, which means they didn't make the original design, so it left me wondering what where/is the purpose of these?
  • You're right. They found this part of the sewer empty many years ago and took it over. I haven't worked on all the details yet but it was built by an ancient cult that left it for some unknown reason. I was thinking of having it to do something with Aboloths. The only part the thieves guild added was the huge vault in the northeast corner

    I need to get the floor and the big water section textures to seem more seamless.
  • I added some more details. A few tables, cots and sleeping bags. I added light (Lava Symbol) to the Braziers. I added many light sconces since most of the members of teh guild won't have darkvision and sewers tend to be dark.

    How can I make my supposed seamless textures (The main floor and the sewer water in teh big section in the center) actually appear seamless (These are textures I downloaded)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 12 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Well, CC3+ just tiles the textures to fill the space, so if they don't appear seamless in CC3+, it means the textures aren't actually seamless in the first place. There are many sites on the web that advertise seamless textures, but have a whole bunch in their collection that are not.
    There is nothing you can do inside CC3+ about this, if the tiles isn't seamless, there isn't anything CC3+ can do about it (other than increase the scale of the fill so you get less tiles, but how far you can push that depends on the resolution of the original fill, once you push that to far it gets pixelated).
    There are software out there that takes tiles and make them seamless, but the result is not always ideal. Been too long since I've done that to remember what any of them are called.
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