[WIP] SpinDizzy Interplanetary RingLiner

Inspired by Treadstone71's Boeing Starliner 1701 I decided to design my own ringship. I’ve got the general anatomy of my ship down (see below) but I haven’t started the detailed deck plans yet. I’ve got the walls … er … bulkheads up but nothing is really furnished yet. (Except for the bridge which I … borrowed … from an ancient design that you will probably recognize when you see it. Well the plans did just happen to fit the dimensions of the command deck.) Deck plates and bulkheads are 6 inches thick with the outer hull being 1 foot. The ring has a total diameter of 210 feet and a width and depth of 50 and 30 feet respectively while the main body of the ship has a 60 foot diameter. I also included a large hangar bay for a shuttle/lifeboat with maximum L×W×H dimensions 50′×30′×25′ with 5′ clearance on top and sides. I’m not sure what I’ll use all the “Engineering Decks” for yet; one might be a backup Command Deck and another for Life Support. I still need to choose the symbol set I want to use for furnishings, fixtures and equipment. I will post the individual decks as I finish them. (I have a long way to go so please be patient.)

Each labelled deck on the cutaway diagram above is also a hotspot linked to its specific deckplan with the ship’s name cartouche (SpinDizzy IP RingLiner) on each deckplan being a hotspot linked back to the cutaway diagram. The “Hull Views” map below is an example. Originally I was going to have a separate map for each view but decided to consolidate them so they would be accessible to all deckplans. Note the windows on the sides of the habitat ring; each one denotes a standardized cabin (80 on the outer ring, 64 on the inner) and are usually shuttered for the comfort of the passengers. While the spin rate of 3 rpm is considered tolerable (see my previous posts for details), watching a spinning starscape wouldn’t help any motion sickness.


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    Seems a bit stubby with that short length and huge ring but I guess that's not a concern in space. Ob course, that thought led to the next one, how are the rings rotated? What mechanism ensures that it is the ring that rotates around the central ship, and not the central ship being rotated inside that massive ring?
  • I thought about putting a rotation mechanism in the hub section (which is separated from cargo and fuel decks by a double wall and a frictionless rotation collar) but decided that tangential thrusters on the bilge deck would be simpler. (Preventing counter rotation of the fore and aft sections of the main body would be tricky.) Now I just have to figure out how to fit them in with the ballast tanks used to keep the wheel balanced. The thing to remember is that except when the main thrusters are firing the main body of the ship is in 0g.
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