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I created this using DD3 Battlemap Template using Dundjinni Archives and CSUAC 2 bitmap fill styles.  I used a layout of a Mayan temple location as my rough template on the layout of the buildings.  I'm keeping the tabletop game format in mind so it's 25x25 with 5 ft. squares.  I didn't want to add too many adventure hook items, because I wanted that to be left up to the GM.  So while it's a little bare, I still like to leave room for creativity in the table top game.  Strange thing, I know the "altars" (I guess) are inconsistent.  I used balconies or tower tops of castles to represent them.  I thought they might be used that way, but, yes they are inconsistent.  I almost like the change, though, but I don't like that the stone is different.  I welcome any comments and suggestions, please. 

Jungle Temples



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    Well mapped :)
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    When I think of Mayan temples I usually think of step pyramids but I know there were other sites with different structures and layouts. Which one were you inspired by? Still shouldn't an ancient indoor temple have thicker outer walls? And weren't most Mayan temples outdoors (or at least their altars were)? The layouts I've looked at had greater separation between structures too. Sorry but this map doesn't really scream Mayan at me.
  • I absolutely agree, @Dalton. Thanks for the critique. I only used the Mayan layout to designate where the temples would be and their basic layouts or sizes. Then I turned it into a basic jungle temple adventure. I also agree that I wanted thicker walls over all. I didn't want to lay symbols down for those, though, but that would have looked better.
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    Arcwynd, you can make those walls as thick as you like :) If you don't know how, just ask and any one of us can guide you in either making those walls thicker, or in the future how to set yourself up to create whatever wall width you'd like.

    All in all, as someone who has done battle maps for published products, and as a DM, I like that you didn't overpopulate the temple, as well. I'd use this map if I didn't already have something like it in my own personal arsenal in a minute :)
  • @Lorelei, Thank you so much! Yes, I was trying to make thicker walls in "advanced" settings but obviously didn't manage to pull it through. I also would like to create better walls of my own and then use some effects on them. I'm going to see about extending the width of the walls in the settings, but the bitmap fill also needs to look decent with the new wall size. Let me try that with this map and see what happens. If I have problems I'll be right back here! ;)
  • One of the quick and easy ways i change wall width is to go to Properties, highlight the wall, then change the wall width by changing the line width within that Properties pop up box.
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  • So I finally got the entire series finished (mostly). Did some work on the walls, map border (later), and trying to keep the series one cohesive adventure from top to bottom.
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