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    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2020
    So what is a good size to export a map I make for VTTs such as Roll20?
    • CommentAuthorArastor
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2020
    Hi Joey,
    I just started Roll20 about 3 Weeks ago. I found, that exporting CC3 maps for use in Roll20 is ok, if you set the options for the JPG- File to a resolution of 70 pixels per inch. Also, you should restrict image to map border, otherwise you get a real large image of white with a little dot of map on it.
    Hope, this helps,
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2020
    I wrote an blog entry about that subject with some information and some more export information when working with VTT's.
    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2020
    Thank You
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2020
    And here is a page for Epic Table map sizes.