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    Was attempting to follow this tutorial; At the step where he says to right click on the Grid button, I only saw two options, Standard Rectangular and Standard Circular. I wanted Hexes, so clicked on New, then 2d Hexagonal, Continue, change the 'unamed' to Hexes, or anything, and then click OK. And CRASH! This happened under Windows 10 (64bit) and Linux (using Wine (wine-5.0 (Debian 5.0-3)).
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2020
    Which template are you using? I tried using the template he used in the video, but I couldn't introduce a crash using your steps. That template also has many more snap grids defined than just the Standard Rectangular and Standard Circular ones.

    Also make sure you are on the latest update (Update 24, CC3+ version 3.93), and remember to re-install the update if you installed any add-ons after the update.
    Okay, crash steps. After installing update 24 again;
    File -> New.
    Select Cosmographer and 'Pick a pre-defined template - Next Button
    First one I see is the Cosmographer Deckplan, I click that.
    Right click on Grid, click the New button
    Click 2d hexagonal, then click Continue. Then if you click OK or even cancel, it'll crash.
    At least under Wine I can get a crash output, Windows just dies to the desktop.
      Screenshot from 2020-02-26 09-21-49.png
    Oops, wanted to post a picture of the only two options, but I'll attach the wine backtrace.txt
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2020 edited
    Seems to be something weird with that template in particular, as I can reproduce the crash on that one.

    Fortunately, since it seems limited to that particular template, you should be able to work around that problem by using the wizard template ('Decide settings myself') instead. I'll make sure ProFantasy is aware of this problem for the next update.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2020
    Here is a fixed version of the template. Save it in your CC3+ programdata folder under Templates\Cosmographer\ overwriting the old one. It will also be included in the next update.