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    So I was playing around trying to get the effects on my map border correct. I got the bevel the way I want it, then I went and added a texture effect (using the sample concrete) and while playing with that I noticed that the texture effect would not go away even when I turned off the texture effect. I even deleted the texture effect and exited CC3+.

    I have found that whenever I turn on a bevel effect (even if I delete and re-create the effect) the texture comes back. Screen shot examples to follow. Any ideas?
      Screen Shot 01-26-18 at 09.24 PM.PNG
    Second example, with bevel effect off.
      Screen Shot 01-26-18 at 09.24 PM 001.PNG
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2018
    This isn't a texture effect, but rather a side effect of how CC3+ finds edges to bevel. Since bevel is an edge effects, CC3+ must find the edges of the entities. It does this by analyzing differences in the rendered image before and after the current sheet is applied to the drawing, and considers pixels that still have the same color as before as "old pixels", and pixels where the color have changed as "new" pixels. Anywhere a new pixel borders an old pixel, there is an edge, and bevel is applied. However, when the colors of the new sheet closely match, like here with speckled dark gray on speckled lighter gray, there are bound to be many false positives in this process, causing many tiny interior areas to be considered edges, thereby applying bevel there too.
    The solution to this is to use an intermediate sheet in between the two, with a copy of the top entity, but in a solid color not in the texture at all, such as pink. This intermediate sheet should not have any effects, and will not be visible in the final drawing since it will be covered up by the identical entity on top of it.
    Thanks! Once more your knowledge is vast and your willingness to help is greatly appreciated.
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2018
    You're welcome.