DeepWoods Chasm

Far across the Desolation lies a chasm. It is said the chasm is home to eternal life. Of course, it is also said that there is a rift at the bottom of the chasm that leads to the Feywild. And then, some others claim a powerful artifact fuels the life from deep within a network of caves. Nobody really knows, because nobody has ever gone into the Desolation and returned with their sanity.

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  • zace66zace66 Newcomer Betatester

    Eep, that's a fair way down - can we climb down using the vines if on the right side. If on the left is that foliage or piles of leave suitable to jump down into ?

  • I imagine creative adventurers such as yourself have a number of ways to descend.

    (If I were DM'ing I would let you attempt either)

  • BlackYetiBlackYeti Traveler

    What do you mean by "home to eternal life"? Is everything native to the chasm immortal? Or is it that there will always be life in the chasm?

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    I think these kinds of questions are what make players want to explore and find out, and are what can inspire DMs to take it whatever direction most interests them to make it their own.

    I would personally work off whatever players take it as; if they think the life there is eternal during the journey there I might make it so.

  • To quote Sir Matthew of Mercer: "You can certainly try..." :)

  • I always told my players they can try to have their characters do anything they want to try. I tell them the results.

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