Pharmacy for Starfinder Game

Hey everyone. This is my first posting of a map I created using CC3+. Go easy on me. :)) But no really, any constructive criticism is very welcome as it's the only way I'll learn.

I stuck specifically to the Floorplan SS3A model section as I'm trying to stick to just one set of symbols while learning as I tried using from multiple different ones and it turned into a headache. I ended up making X & Y independent on the tables which helped get me the sizes I wanted. I ended up using those and will tell the PCs (Player Characters) that those are shelves with medical supplies and we just see it from the top down. Out front is a vendor cart for the Pharmacy as well. Just in case you were curious about it.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but think I could probably work on the stair's platform at the top to show it going to the second floor.

I can't get the file smaller than 3.81mb so here is a link to my dropbox folder with it and some of the other ones. No clue how to get these smaller in size!


  • Hi! :)

    They look like pretty good first maps to me, though it would be good to see them with a few sheet effects in operation. You can switch sheet effects on by opening the Sheets and Effects dialog Sheets and Effects and checking the little box top right called "Activate sheet effects", then Apply, and ok.

    There are several files at the level you shared, but that's ok. They certainly do range in png size quite a lot. Maybe that is where we can help you most of all, so that you can produce images that can be shown here on the forum for easier discussion.

    Have you found the Options button in the Save as... dialog? I think you have, because the default settings are quite low res and your exports are a lot better than that. So when you open it try picking one of the jpeg options instead of the png options and in Options make the long side of a map intended for forum display about 1500 or so. A jpeg file is hugely smaller than a png file for the same resolution. The forum maximum size for a map is 2MB, but you can put one that is up to 5MB in your personal gallery right here and link to it from a comment if you wish.

  • Thanks for the tips, Loopysue. I'll have to give those a try. I actually forgot about the Sheets and Effects so that'll be a good idea to turn those on!

    And definitely thank you for tips on a better way to save these. I'll do that for future maps. Thank you!

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    Okay I took your advice and put in the effects. I also changed quite a bit on the map. Working when you aren't tired is a good thing. :-) Thanks for the tips. The save tip also helped so I am able to post the image here! But any idea how to save without that big white boarder?

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    @quirky_cartographer wrote:

    But any idea how to save without that big white boarder?

    For most maps, just set the 'Restrict image to map border' option in the export options dialog, and it will take care of it. If the map is somehow missing a map border, use the rectangular section jpg file type when saving, as this will cause CC3+ to prompt you for the corners of the export before saving the image.

  • Here is the second floor. I took the advice from you Loopysue by adding effects (which made a very nice difference) and saved like you suggested Monsen. Much better except for the white at the top and bottom, which I cropped out with the rest of the unneeded area. But I can live with that.

    Starting small and going from there. I tried to go with a region map but found this to be a better way of starting out. Any tips or thoughts would be welcome for either the first or second floor!

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