Forgotten Adventures?

Has anyone else looked at Forgotten Adventures? No commercial license, but they have some amazing artwork for battle tiles, etc. and it looks like there's a way to keep sync'd with their content via Google Drive:

What do you think the viability is of sync'ing to my Symbols directory? I'd have to create Symbol Catalogs which will be a pain, but seems doable. I'd have to avoid having CC3 create the multiple scaled versions of the images. And for anything new I'd have to update the existing symbol catalogs (or create new ones if there are new categories).

Is there a way to automate creating symbol catalogs? At 14,000 + art assets, seems like that would be the way to go.

Anything else I'm not thinking about?


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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    You don't have to make symbol catalogs actually. CC3+ is capable of just opening a folder of .png files and displaying it as it was a symbol catalog.

    Obviously, you lose all the features symbols catalogs give you, such as groups, random selections, forced sheets, and so on, but for a dynamic collection, the compromise might be acceptable, especially if they have a usable folder structure in this collection.

    I do hope they only add items and don't modify/remove existing ones though, as that would wreck havoc with existing maps since CC3+ refers to the image on disk.

    Making symbol catalogs for such a collection could actually be a nice community project. The symbols themselves would have to be downloaded from that site by the individual user, but common symbol catalogs wouldn't be a problem if someone could coordinate that and get updated ones out there as soon as the collection changes.

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    I've never created a symbol catalog, lol. I know, I am the worst. I just have so many symbols from so many sources that i've obtained over the years, that organizing them into a catalog, would cause me more work in the end, having to fix up all the red x's i'd end up with.

    @argel1200 i've got these symbols and they work just fine, even with the shadows on them.

  • NoahZorbaughNoahZorbaugh Newcomer
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    I have been using Forgotten Adventures stuff for a year+ with CC3+ and they work great, but yeah there is always some setup.

    I do keep the textures in one folder and usually load those into the map as needed.



  • argel1200argel1200 Traveler
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    When I was adding in the The Clip Studio Paint brushes there were several different themed directories. That's how I named the CSP brush collections. So odds are very good these are organized as well. Not having to create a Symbol Catalog is very promising news!!

  • argel1200argel1200 Traveler

    Thanks everyone! I'm on a slow DSL connection, so it's good to know this will work ahead of time!!

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