[wip] a star ship, my GURPS Space

Just a side show from the dungeon and overland maps, but this will be going up on my GURPS space web site.

The basic structure is a disk for the bridge and some accomedations and science labs.

The main part of the ship is a large rectangular box, with wings for the engines.

Here are the disk maps I have map so far. Gee, ever have one of those days where you just know where you put the graphics you want to upload, but they aren't there ?

Its my day for that. Okay, trying again.

Exterior hull of Deck 1.

Interior of Deck 1B, the rooms and passageways. My plans are that A and C will be for cables, etc.

Decks 2 and 1, exterior.

What tags are available ?

MonsenRaiko[Deleted User]LoopysueCalibre


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