Problems with rotating DD3 corridor geomorphs.

Have been trying to create a basic dungeon and am having problems with rotating corridor geomorph sections. I get them to rotate but they leave the wall behind. Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong?


  • Make sure your layers are thawed. And select an area larger than the corridor.

    Be careful you don't select something you don't want to rotate.

    Its one of those things that takes practice.

    For my mapping, since I do move things around, I save as filename01, do a few things to my maps, save as filename02, etc. that way if I have to go back 20 or so versions, and I have had to do that because I made mistakes, its easier with more than just one or two maps. Or all saved to the same filename.

    For the Atlas maps or my Dwarf Home megadungeon maps, I do it slightly different: save as house01_0001, do a few things to it, save as house01_0002, do a few things to it, save as house01_0003, etc.

    And yes, I have thumb drives and external USB hard drives I move things to so I have plenty of room on my desktop computer.
  • Great advice thank you.
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