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    Sorry, but that one is not available, Shessar is already working on the floorplans for building 2 and 3 in that map.

    There are lots of free ruins on JimP's map that would love a battlemap though :)
  • Okay....i'll work on this....The Temple of the Horned God Ruins :)
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    Great. I've reserved that one for you.
  • As I have nearly finished Helmonte, could you reserve the monastery on Spiros Island for me, as well as the village of Helinesa. Thanks in advance
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    Done. Both are reserved for you.
  • That forest has lots of ruins.

    You don't have to follow this, but in my mind it was a thriving community in that forest, and something happened to the buildings and the inhabitants. The square towers were their protections. Now all gone.
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    Posted By: JimPand something happened to the buildings and the inhabitants
    I am guessing they realized that worshiping the Horned God and inviting his minions for tea didn't bring about the land of milk and honey after all :)
  • Well, that place could be... a distraction for something else.
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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Mappers like to use nice fonts for their maps, but unfortunately, if the user of the map doesn't have the specified font installed on their computer, it will appear using a plain replacement font instead. This isn't really a problem for the atlas, as the maps will still work, but they may not look exactly as intended.

    I don't have an exact list of the fonts installed by CC3+ and it's add-ons, but here is the list of fonts installed on my "atlas" computer. This is a clean setup with windows 10, CC3+ with all add-ons, and very little else, so all fonts in this list should be provided by a standard Windows 10 installation, or by CC3+ or an addon.
    Generally, If you use a font NOT in this list, you are pretty much guaranteed that the average CC3+ user will not have that font, and will see the map with a plain replacement font when opening the .fcw. If you use a font on the list, many CC3+ users will have it (but not necessarily everyone). Unfortunately, I can't provide a more detail list of what font is provided by which add-on.

    If you use a font not on this list, you have three options:
    - Either just accept that most people won't see the proper font. This is probably not the best idea, because the reason for selecting that font for the map in the first place is then kind of void, but it doesn't have the same map-breakign effects as the red X'es from missing bitmaps have so it isn't a big deal for use as an atlas map.
    - Replace it by another font
    - Use Explode Text on it. This will turn the text into basic CC3+ entities, which can be viewed by anyone, the font is no longer an issue. However, doing this has it's downsides. Since it is no longer a text element, the text cannot be edited. To change the text, one need to delete the exploded entity and place new text. And, if the user doesn't have the font, it is also impossible to place new text matching the existing (exploded) text. I recommend this option only on map titles and such. Do note that using Explode Text will also cause the text to loose it's justification point, so you probably need to move it back into position.

    Unfortunately, we can NOT distribute fonts along with the atlas. Usually, fonts have limits on their distribution, even if you got it from a free font site, you probably don't have the right to redistribute it, so from a legal perspective, we cannot accept fonts in the atlas. In addition, fonts are also more complicated for the user to, as these must be installed, as opposed to addional bitmap resources which simply work no matter where the user unzipped the atlas.
  • Thanks so much for that list. I have printed out the page, and will stick strictly to it in future. I will also check my previous maps to make sure they fit in with the list.
  • Does this list contain the fonts that come with the CC3+ annuals (not the ones we have to get ourselves, as a few of the manuals ask us to do)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Yes. That is my font folder after installing everything CC3+. (And basically nothing else)
  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Traveler
    One thing with the font list is that it isn't listing every font exactly. Windows groups fonts in the same family. So only one font in that family is being shown. You can see that other font's are behind it. Example Bridgnorth is not just one font but several in the same family, but Windows from Vista and up groups fonts of the same family together for display. (It has something to do with the font metadata.) So if you have a normal text version, a bold, an, italic, an underline version, etc. of the same family. Windows will group them together so you won't know exactly what the "sub-fonts" are,
    You have to run a command prompt to see ever font that is actually in the font folder.

    See this thread especially the last post if you want to know how to get Windows to list every font it has exactly in it.

    Anyway, thanks Monsen.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Posted By: Jay_NOLAOne thing with the font list is that it isn't listing every font exactly. Windows groups fonts in the same family. So only one font in that family is being shown.
    True, but since the only thing hidden is the minor variations like bold and italic, I think this is an easier way to get a brief overview of what you have installed, you usually don't need to know about the italic and bold versions unless you do typographic work, since windows will always be able to automatically apply bold/italic even if you don't have a dedicated version installed.
  • Your work is so beautiful, Lorelei
  • Oops! I thought i was whispering to Remy :) Thank you Quenten, as is yours. I love the Crazy Camel Inn! Actually, i modified it a bit and used it just a few weeks ago in my own campaign as I was feeling a bit too lazy to work up a new one (my PCs have temporarily relocated their homebase of operation to a smaller, more rural town in my homebrew world and that one just fit the bill :)
  • That is what is so great about the Community Atlas Project. With the ability to download the FCW's, the maps are easily adaptable for other uses and is an awesome resource for gamers everywhere. :-)
  • Would love to see the modified Camels Inn - and the modified fcw, if you have it. (and if you don't mind). Promise I won't sell it to either Mr Trump or Mr Putin for less than 10 million dollars! huh!!
  • ScimonScimon Traveler
    If I could can I take on Statrippe in Artemisia? I'll probably look at them mapping out Perieon I feel it's an interesting place.
  • You have my permission, you just need to ask Monsen. Look forward to what you do,
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Posted By: ScimonIf I could can I take on Statrippe in Artemisia?
    I have reserved it for you. Have fun mapping.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Another update for the atlas, Statrippe has now been mapped by Scimon. Thanks for your contribution, and welcome to the project.
  • This has got to be the fastest map from request to atlas upload, and it is great - an adventurer's 'paradise' - or temptation, perhaps. Well done Scimon
  • ScimonScimon Traveler
    Cheers, I have a couple of days holiday so I had time this morning. Wanted to try stuff I'd been reading in the Tome.
    Monsen can I reserve Perion please?
  • That was really fast. Nice map!
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Posted By: ScimonMonsen can I reserve Perion please?
    It's yours.
  • ScimonScimon Traveler
    Also, I would not have been able to make the maps that fast without the sterling work Quenten did on the continent.
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    Link to the Community Atlas giving me a Server Error message - anybody else?
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