Posting large maps

I've completed a city map that I'm quite pleased with and wanted to share with everyone, but I'm not sure the best way to save the map on the forum for all to see. I tried saving it as a bit map but the details became indistingushable.

Any suggestions?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator
    Exporting it as an image is the best option, but make sure you use the appropriate resolution.
    For viewing on the web, you should save it as either png or jpg. After selecting the format in the save as dialog, hit the Options button, and set the appropriate pixel sizes. The larger your map, the larger the dimensions needed to show all the details. For uploading to this forum, the width (horizontal pixels) should be 1024px or less, and the image file size less than 512kb. If you want it larger than that, you can upload it to an image hosting service like Flickr, PhotoBucket or ImageShack, and then put a thumbnail here linking to the image (The image hosting service should automatically provide you with the html code needed to do so.

    Additionally, you can also attach your .fcw file to a post here in this forum. That way, people can download it and open it up in CC3 themselves to look at it.
  • Excellent! Thanks! Got it uploaded to photo bucket and will post in a new topic.
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