Gandwarf! Look!!!

Sorry i have not been on in awhile, but i was extremely busy with school. But i followed your tutorials and constructed this, any feedback would be nice thanks man.


  • Wow, a topic with my name in it :)
    No problem that you haven't been on for a while, I have faded away a bit myself... I haven't done any mapping in weeks.

    Anyway, the map certainly is looking good. A small point of critique: your fields need a little more work, try and align them or put them closer together. That will make it look more natural. And did you add an effect to the docks? The map is too zoomed out for me to know for sure.

    Now I want to see you create some of your own maps of course :)
  • Yeah man you are like my idol when it comes to mapping. Thanks for the pointers, yeah i was kinda in a rush to finish the farms fields, but the docks have an effect on them they just dont look like it from the distances.
    Thanks for all your help man i will be posting dome MADDOG original maps soon.
    Thanks for everything you have done to help me
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