Extra symbols

How can i get more symbols because i go to certain topics and they are empty, like rivers, and water and stuff. please help


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator
    Could you please elaborate a bit more about this. With "topics", are you referring to the symbol catalog buttons in the top toolbar? If so, exactly which ones does come up empty? All of them should load valid catalogs.

    If you are referring to the drawing tools buttons (top of left toolbars, group of ten buttons), there are no symbols here. These are drawing tools, and clicking on them does not load anything into the symbol catalog window, but rather starts you out drawing with the default tool in eqach category. Right click on them to get a list of tools.

    As for actually getting more symbols:
    - All ProFantasy addons contain additional symbols
    - The annual contains some new symbols in almost every issue
    - The Symbols Sets (SS1, SS2, and SS3) contains lots of new symbols
    - The CSUAC, a free symbol collection contains a lot of symbols. You'll need to register and log in to their site to get them, but registering is free.
  • And some of us have made symbols. Check the users' websites link on Profantasy's site. I have made, and host, a number of symbols and bitmap files on my Crestar site.
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