First CC3+ Map

Here is my first CC3+ Map, still to add town names.


  • Beautiful work. I'd almost be reluctant to put more than a few labels on it, for fear of "spoiling the view." :)

    One question: the rivers connected to the large lake: it's unclear to me whether they flow in or flow out.
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Wonderful map! But I'm with Barliman, the river flow is not immediately obvious to me.
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  • Hi Kaine.

    First of all, wonderful work!

    Is this an official world (books, games), or something out of your own mind?
  • Nice Map

    The river design is off a little, but you can tell which way the river flows; from inland to the sea.

    As far a labels are concerned you can make multiple label levels and hide the ones that are not being used.

    This gives you the ability to view the map without names, with just regional names, and one zoomed in with local names.

    This is one of the features that I love with CC3+, but ability to hide certain levels so a single map can quickly be modified and printed based on your need.
  • Good Job Kaine! I agree with Barliman, less is more when it comes to text... at times. Style and scale being a determining factor.
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  • Posted By: KaineHere is my first CC3+ Map, still to add town names.
    I'm curious, how did you get that farmland "plots" thing?
  • Posted By: CelestianI'm curious, how did you get that farmland "plots" thing?
    This is with the Overland Mike Schley style.

    Right click the Default Terrain button (the 2x2 button in the top left corner of this image) then double click on Terrain Default, Farmland entry. After that lay down your polygon and you'll get the texture on the right of this image:

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  • I'm working on my first cc3+ map (and really only my 2nd map all together) how did you get the groups of trees like that? When I was working on my forest it seemed like the only option was one tree at a time. Did you "plant" all those individually?
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