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Myirandios, my world

These are maps (pics and the master FCW) of my world Myirandios, which is the setting of my slow-to-be written novel. The central region is the area most in use, and therefore more detailed mapped. The areas are also broke into regions for use in making smaller maps of the various regions later. (see FCW 'Region borders' sheet). I have used plain colour to depict biomes and Brush Patterns to indicate terrain (Wetlands, hills and Mountains, which I made myself). I have a Hills and Mountain pattern for use when the effects are not turned on, and these are hidden when the effects are turned on. (At present, this must be done manually - any tips how this is automated when the effects are turned off and on). I have also used special symbols for "Important Settlements' layer, but this must be turned off when zooming in to small regions. I am also finishing the city map of Jhelrosis, the capital of the Klemtan Hegemony (turn on 'History' sheet to find out its boundaries).


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