Just wondering when we'd hear more about this upcoming enhancement.


  • I am also curious =)
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    I'll post an update in the New Year, when I can be less uncertain about the release schedule.
  • What is CC3+? Is it an expansion pack? Or a new revamped model of CC3?
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    edited December 2012
    Good question. Was this mentioned in a blog I missed, or something?
  • I don't know either.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Hm. Found a brief mention in this blog entry and in the comments for it. Still not a lot of info though. Looks like Simon is getting ready to release more info soon.

  • 2 months later
  • Hey Simon or Ralf, we are well into the new year...any details you can give us?
  • I was just looking for info on upcoming updates to Campaign Cartographer.
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  • Over 5 months since the last inkling of this - My eyes suffering badly looking at the tiny icons on (2) 1600x1200 screens. How about an icon upgrade on its own? :-)
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    We'll get something up by the end next week.
  • Posted By: Simon RogersWe'll get something up by the end next week.
    GREAT news!
  • Oooh ! Larger in software icons ! Yippeee !
  • Sweet...can't wait to hear more about this.
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    Sorry folks! Will have to wait until Monday (incidentally, CC3+ is still a long way off)
  • Posted By: Simon RogersSorry folks! Will have to wait until Monday (incidentally, CC3+ is still a long way off)
    That is fine, but could you give us an idea what you are exactly working on? I'm just curious what kind of improvements we can expect whenever CC3+ is finished.
  • Just saw this an thought I would tease...

    It's Monday!


    Have a good day. Hope to hear some about the future of CC3. (+)
  • Any news about this? Information has been very vague so far (and not that useful for those of us with old clunky monitors who don't need big, beautiful new icons).
  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Ok Simon, its now 11 days later, where is the news.
    Just feed us a morsel :-)
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  • Seriously though, its now a couple of hundred days later (yes, that's nearly Christmas 2013) and still nothing of this 'news'.
    People, some kind of update, even if more obfuscating? (as in +extremely+ long way off...') could it be possible to tie it down to a margin of, say, a particular year? 2014, 2015, 2065 ( I'll be 108!*), 'this century*' or 3018** 'nuf sed.

    *Suspect dead :-(
    **most likely same as * unless Dr Sheldon Cooper actually comes up with some kind of Cybernetic Memory download thingamy that I could afford...
  • I've given up any hope of hearing a word about this. I'd rather have not known anything rather than a tease of an announcement and then silence and not addressing it. Really poor marketing and PR. Some RPG companies do this frequently and it really irks me.
  • I gladly wait for the announcement of CC3+.
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    Oh, I am sorry. Circumstances beyond our control led to a delay, and I apologize for not following up on this thread.

    Suffice to say that development is in its final stages, and we've employed Joe Slayton (Fractal Terrains) to finalise the code. The soon-to-be-released Character Artist 3 will include upgrade protection for CC3 Plus for a limited time - that is, if you get Character Artist 3, you'll get CC3 Plus when it is released at no extra charge while the offer lasts.

    CC3 Plus will definitely be out next year, and I hope before April.

    As for CC3 Plus features - in short:

    Speed: CC3 Plus runs twice as fast as CC3. In most cases you can work with effects on.

    Style: Award-winning cartographer Mike Schley provides you with a complete new attractive map-making style.

    Effects: You asked for PhotoShop-style effects, now you have them. With faster, better, streamlined and consistent effects filters your maps will look better than ever before. You can test your effects on the drawing before applying them. You also get higher resolution export with anti-aliasing.

    Ease: A context-sensitive floating cursor lets you know what CC3 Plus expects. The Print Wizard makes it easy to export your maps at any scale, tiled across paper. CC3 Plus also gives you better and cleverer editing, clearer icons, and you can drag and drop images from the internet.

    Integration: CC3 Plus puts roads, rivers, symbols and other map-making tools up front and center in the Symbols Catalog window right where you need them. Whatever map making style you choose, the tools you need will appear, visually, and ready to go.

    Consistency: We’ve fixed bugs, plugged holes and cleaned up the interface. CC3 Plus is Windows 8 ready, and it’s cleaner on the inside and outside.
  • Now, that's something! I'm really getting excited here. Consistency and Ease are two sections I wouldn't have expected to see on this list. Depending on the offer I might even get Character Artist now.
  • Sounds awesome you guys! Looking forward to CC3+! :D
  • MedioMedio Surveyor
    Damm, all the news look splendid! Bravo!!
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    well this I'm really looking forward to now :)
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Administrator, ProFantasy Traveler
    Just to manage expectations, the workflow in CC3+ will be pretty similar to CC3, but will be smoother and more efficient.
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