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Altering Color Palette on Annual Symbols (Spectrum)

FarsightX3FarsightX3 Traveler
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Afternoon mappers!
It's that time when I revamp my game world map for the 10 millionth time lol. I'm a big fan of a darker color palette. I am rebuilding my map with the darker land of Herwin Wielink with the 13th Age Terrain textures. I would really love to use Sue's Mountain symbols for it. However, those symbols gradient to a lighter green tone in order to blend with her green palette Land Fill texture. With a darker green it would blend better with the color palette of land I am going for. I was wondering, if there is a way inside CC3+ to simply just change the green gradient tone at the bottom of the Mountains or would I have to alter this in Photoshop?

If the route is to alter that green in Photoshop, how wold I be able to re-add those symbols to the catalog in order to randomize the symbols when I place?

Was wanting to change the green gradient tone within the red circle. Thanks for any help :)


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator

    After changing them (I recommend taking care not saving over the originals, and keep your own modified version in a separate folder with a slightly edited filename). You can then import the symbols into the map using Symbols -> Import PNGs.

    After that, you can open the symbol manager, and find your imported symbols (they will be at the bottom). Select all the new symbols, and hit the save as catalog to save it as a new symbol catalog. Now, open the new symbol catalog as if it was a map (instead of into the symbol catalog window), go to the symbol manager again, but this time, select the symbols and hit properties. From here you can set up options like symbol groups and random selection from groups. Just save the file normally when done.

    From now on, you can load this new symbol catalog into the symbol catalog window when working with a map and use it like any other catalog.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy

    This is the setup to create a collection with your new symbols in the Symbol Manager when you hit the Options button.

  • FarsightX3FarsightX3 Traveler
    Hi Monsen & Sue,
    How would I go about loading in the new symbols from Symbols > Master Settings Filters? This is how I typically toggle between different symbol catalogs? I assume it needs to be in a specific file path? If so what is that file path for Windows?
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 35 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    edited June 14

    Have you made your new symbol catalogue?

    If you have, and until Remy responds on the settings thing (which I never use), you can open any catalogue you like just by hitting the folder button at the top of the symbol panel. Be sure to open the catalogue file, though, not the actual folder with the images in it.

    Catalogue files are .FSC files.

  • FarsightX3FarsightX3 Traveler
    Yeah I have. It worked. The symbols populated in the folder randomized so that was awesome. I wasn't sure what Monsen meant by this line: "Now, open the new symbol catalog as if it was a map (instead of into the symbol catalog window)". Did he mean open the file that was created or open it in CC3+?

    Thanks for all of the insights!
  • It means to open the new FSC file in CC3+ as if you were opening a normal CC3+ map, NOT to use just the left-hand symbol image bar options to search for the new catalogue and open it that way.

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