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CA122 - FRIA 0030 Temple of Selune updated to CC3+

edited June 6 in Show and Tell

I used the method in CA122 to update the Temple of Selune (the first of the FRIA maps) to see how it went, and I am happy with the process.

I haven't added anything extra except the front fence.

Here is the original map.

Here is my conversion to CC3+

Is it OK or not to put the conversion into the Atlas, Remy @Monsen

And let me know if I have been naughty putting the FCW files here.



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator
    edited June 6

    @Quenten :

    No, I cannot use these for the atlas. A re-imagination of a classic map (With name changes, a lot of those place and god names are trademarked [then again, many are not, because they took them from existing religions and beliefs]) may be ok, but not a straight-up conversion like this.

    Also, you cannot post the original FR atlas maps here, they are part of a comercial product, and even if it is not in sale anymore, those copyrights still belong to Wizards of the Coast/Hasboro. I think remakes are fine though under fair use cluases, unless Ralf says otherwise. I didn't remove any of the .fcw's, because you seem to have posted the converted version twice anyway. Low resolution images of the original maps for use as comparison with updated versions are probably fine as well, but please don't do high-res exports and put them in the gallery.

  • Thanks Remy. I removed the first FCW anyway. I will use this map, altered, for my own world, anyway. I thought it might be a no no for the Atlas.

    I had fun doing the conversion though.

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