Gioiella, a small Serpentine City map

My current work in progress:

This is basically going to be a fantasy version of Venice, hugely affected by pacts with faery lords / fey in general.

Thanks a lot to the creators of this style. It's very easy to use and I have not faced any issues apart from one very minor case of transparency acne.

I'm currently planning to add more piers and boats. I might also add another island with shipbuilding facilities (even with magic, it's pretty hard to operate a maritime city without your own boats...).

Also trying out different layout options: Might use a different banner colour, but moving the city to the right looks good - leaves more room for Explanations and annotations on the left side.

I've also created a draft "fey activity heat map" to keep track of my thoughts in that regard.

What do you think about it so far?

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  • BidmaronBidmaron Traveler

    Can't read fey, so I'm presuming those are the different fey factions. However, nice idea, and I'm presuming you did that within the same physical map using sheets you can activate and deactivate.

  • @Bidmaron

    The overlay colours do not show different factions, but the general level of fey activity, going from red (always, plenty) to green (very little) and clear (no fey). Since the shown sheet was just a quick draft, I was writing the notes in German.

    I created the heat map using basic image processing / paint software, but I'm considering using overlays to the original map for the final version.

    Is there any way to apply a desaturation filter to an entire map, besides adding an "adjust hue/saturation" effect to every sheet?

  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    The effects dialog have a set of radio buttons to switch between whole map effects and individual sheets.

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    Had a rather productive Easter Monday:

    Added the shipyards and another residential island.

    The close proximity to the "important small pact island" (no. 14) gave me the idea for another storyline, and so I've also added a bit of an open air dungeon (no. 13).

    Played around with the global map effects switch a bit (Thanks again Monsen), but still on the fence whether I should include the overlays in the Source map.

    Then I added the Buttons, Parchment background and cartouches. Enough work for today. The only thing i might still add is some Island / large channel names. I'm a bit tempted to ask my players if they have some time this evening...

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  • Wonderful city. I hope you would consider adding it to the Atlas somewhere.

    Any coastal city should do.

  • 9 months later
  • Finally got my players into this magical lagoon city.

    And as always, playing the setting adds more detail. :)

    Added island names and a few features (the painted walls tell the history of the city - in cryptical and sometimes unsettling art. The large main channel is called "the flow/ river of life", because it runs between the temples of life and death - this is also the way, funeral processions go).

    I've also created an in game map of the magical lagoon the city is set in. The outline is circular, since the whole area was magically transferred to the fae realm, when the city founders struck their first pact.

    I'll either add it as a painting in the office of the high fool, or as a small magically painted glass window in the Temple of The Lucky Escape.

    Used Realms of Legend as the main style, with a few bits from Here be Monsters and Waves from Schley Overland.

    Larger versions are in my gallery.

    Have a great Sunday. :)

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  • The ring is interesting. One side is smooth and the other has a normalish coastline. Were you able to do that with the land tools?

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    No. Had to create the ring in a rather elaborate way:

    - Build another land mass using the land mass tools.

    - Copy the settings of the land mass.

    - Manually set a with

    - Draw a ring shape using the circle drawing tool.

    - Open the sheet effects and put a colour key on the land sheet (as topmost effect).

    - Draw cutouts and manually "rough up" the inside of the ring using colour key fractal polygons.

    - Manually draw the coast lines of the new land masses on the coastline sheet.

    There's probably easier ways of doing this (trace command?), but that was the way that came to my mind. Does anyone know an easier method?

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