Gioiella, a small Serpentine City map

My current work in progress:

This is basically going to be a fantasy version of Venice, hugely affected by pacts with faery lords / fey in general.

Thanks a lot to the creators of this style. It's very easy to use and I have not faced any issues apart from one very minor case of transparency acne.

I'm currently planning to add more piers and boats. I might also add another island with shipbuilding facilities (even with magic, it's pretty hard to operate a maritime city without your own boats...).

Also trying out different layout options: Might use a different banner colour, but moving the city to the right looks good - leaves more room for Explanations and annotations on the left side.

I've also created a draft "fey activity heat map" to keep track of my thoughts in that regard.

What do you think about it so far?

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