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A Tile to Go with Schley Aliens

I created this seamless tile PNG to emphasize the alien symbols.

Here it is at full zoom out:

I am also using a multiply blend mode over the rivers to make them look less like solid wavy blue lines (copied rivers to the blend sheet and then changed fill to water texture). I played around with the river color and some effects too.

I learned by accident that the blend effect is stored on the common sheet (I think) and does not go away even if you delete the blend sheet. Which makes sense because you might want to use separate textures on multiple items on multiple layers.

The one thing I couldn't figure out how to make look right is placing clouds. I wanted to put green or orange tinged clouds over the land covering the mushrooms with their shadows. I kept thinking mushrooms don't like direct sunlight so I wanted the clouds to be hovering over them protecting them, but it never looked right.

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  • Cool "weird and wormy" land.

    For the clouds, you could try using solid orange or green shapes with transparency (opacity approx 50%) and edge fade inner effect.

    I'd try stripey shapes instead of round clouds first, like i did in my "foggy valley" map.

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    Honestly, mushrooms are pretty much indifferent to light. They're the fruiting bodies of fungi hidden below the surface anyway, so don't have much use for sunlight either way (except secondarily, because what the fungi are feeding on often does rely on sunlight to exist - trees and such, say), and they often don't last very long given all they're doing is distributing spores into the air.

    Of course, magical-land mushrooms might feel differently about that!

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