Winter Village style development (March 2022 CA issue)

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Hi Everyone :)

Profantasy have asked me to create a style called 'Winter Village' for this year's March issue in the Cartographer's Annual. It's based on the work I did for the Festive Winter Card Challenge, and is strongly linked to the Darklands City style I did for last year's annual. That means the buildings will be similar in nature to those of the DC style, though the textures and sheet setups are different.

The problem with snow is that it is so very bright white that it seems impossible at first to make things work and look interesting. But at the same time snow is all kinds of interesting colours that are mostly tinged blue. It's taken a bit of time to get a full snowy rooftop together that looks good with the snowy background, but I think I'm there at last.

This is the initial test building arranged as a circular array to test that the colours and shading work.

Let me know what you think :)

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