looking for the original, a starship

I modified this years ago. So the labeling is off from the original. It was part of a huge star ship. I don't remember if it was CC2Pro, or CC3.

I don't see it in my files now, except for this bit. Anyone know where it came from ? Would have to be a Profantasy product. When I checked Drawing Properties, it just says Default.


Ricko Hasche


  • Found it. S419U Cosmo Pro deck examples.

    I have the fcw files on a back up USB hard drive. Whew. I though I was going to have to reinstall things.

    It is the top of a space station, but I can modify it for a star ship. I kinda want to get more of Wanderer done.

  • Well, now I feel Really Silly [tm]. It is also in my Examples folder under CC3Plus. Live and learn I guess.

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    Not half as silly as I feel when I'm looking for my glasses and they're on top of my head ;)

  • I have a strap holding my main pair to my face. Sometimes I lower them to put on my reading glasses. As I'm looking for my regular glasses to put them back on, I look down at the irritating thing hitting my hands. Its my eyeglasses.

    Anyway. The original, crews quarters as an example, is 129 feet across. This ship's upper work is 4 miles across.

    So, to put regular sysmbols on these huge scaled up decks, they would look like dust motes. So I will be taking rooms, importing them into a 'decide myself size' template, and put furnishings, etc. in. And put them on a page with the deck map. That way I don't have to put symbols in all of the rooms.

    Here is a reproduction of my original drawing.

  • 2 months later
  • I want to get at least 1 % of this done... before I'm too old to use software.

    So, instead of mapping each level, cubic miles of it, I'll map different types of rooms. Or if the rooms are huge, parts of rooms.

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    In my old Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual there are pages with the layouts of typical single and double staterooms. Your original deckplan reminds me of the original Enterprise deckplans I have stashed away somewhere. If the main hull of the S.S. Wanderer is cylindrical and is spun for artificial gravity the outer circumference of the habitat ring would be 12.566 miles or 66,350 feet and 1 mile high between the outer hull and the engine compartment with the Bussard ramjet. For 1 G at the outer hull it would spin at 0.5271 rpm. with a Tangential Velocity of 397.42 mph. Rather than worry about decks I'd make this a rectangular map like for an O'Neill cylinder 9.53 miles long (from bow to start of "wings") for an area of 119.75 square miles since this an STL vessel which is probably a generation ship.
  • I have a wings3d png of it.

    The docking bay is large enough for a Starship Enterprise from Star Trek to dock in it.

    I'll post the png later today.

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    Not sure if it will help Jim, but you might be interested to consider how the Starship Warden was recently published as a fully-mapped project for the first time by Troll Lord Games (it's the generation ship from the earliest science-fiction RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha). Warden is 49 miles long, 24 miles at its widest (elongated oval in plan) by 6 miles deep. Seventeen decks in total. The detail in different places in the book is variable, both in terms of mapping and description, and the PDF's 658 pages long, but the approach overall is similar to what you've mentioned adopting now here, theirs with a main map for each full deck, and then close-up maps for only smaller selected areas, or specific larger sections of each deck.

    It's a vast improvement over the original however, which had two full-deck sample maps on one page of notes each, and loose guidance for GMs to then map the rest of the ship! There were tiny whole-deck sketch-plans for all 17 decks too, even if the two more detailed decks didn't look very like their sketch plans, though the original book was only 40 pages long, including the card covers.

    [Edit - 13 Dec 2022: Unfortunately, it seems the "Starship Warden" link I originally provided here in October 2021 no longer functions, as for reasons I can't identify, Troll Lord Games no longer publishes the book on it, which is odd and irritating! There are several editions of Metamorphosis Alpha still in print/PDF, however, though I can't tell if any are better or worse than each other, in terms of what information they provide. This link is to the DriveThru RPG page for the original version of Metamorphosis Alpha, from where it should be possible to find the others, using the "Customers Also Purchased" links, however.]

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    They probably had more than one person to work on it, but I could be wrong.

    Here is the png I promised. I didn't do these, Terraformer guy did.

    The Wanderer, just the dome part, is over a hundred decks.

  • So you are telling me this ship has two Bussard ramjets on either side of a rectangular block body with upper and lower pylons each with its own command center? Wouldn't the magnetic fields from the two ramjets interfere with each other? What kind of artificial gravity does it have? Wow, I'm glad this isn't my project; I'd go nuts from the size of it. (It's like a million piece puzzle; you mark your progress in years.)
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    Half and half. The ship is half up and half down.

    The bottom dome has gravity pulling to the center of the ship. And the top dome has gravity pulling to the center of the ship.

    Computers handle the two magnetic fields so they work correctly.

    The size of it is why I knew back in 1970, it would never get completely drawn.

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