Cyberpunk Apartment Building

The building is placed in a middle class district. I mainly used assets and fills from SS3 with few additions from Perspectives and CSUAC/DA. I am not sure if the look & feel is cyberpunk enough... so I am looking forward to hear from the community.



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    I'm not sure I know what cyberpunk is supposed to look like, but it's a nice tidy map :)

  • Whenever I see an apartment building floorplan I try to think of it as a stacked community with certain needs restricted to a defined footprint. Please forgive me for the extended comment but it's like designing a spaceship; I just can't seem to stop adding things.

    First thing; I'm having a little trouble interpreting the cyberpunk furnishings in the apartments. Also all of the apartments on this floor seem to be single bachelors; in a middle class area some of them should have one or two bedrooms with at least one family size suite thrown in (perhaps on different floors). There should be a utility room with wiring/­plumbing/­HVAC stacks and a garbage chute/disposal unit on each floor in the same location with a laundry room, storage, parking and general utility room in the basement. As for other floors the penthouse could have a different plan with a couple of luxury suites and a wrap-around patio while the ground floor would have a lobby, outside doors and maybe a commun­ity rec room that could rented to tenants for special events. (The laundry room might be on this floor instead of the basement while the super's apartment is traditionally here or in the basement.) I doubt a cyberpunk building would a mailroom (email doesn't take that much space) but deliveries would have to be handled somehow.  ;) Finally the sidewalks around the building seem a little wide; they shouldn't be more than 5' along a regular street or 10' along a major thoroughfare.
  • Thank you so much for the valuable comments! Perhaps I can repurpose the center units to be the service rooms.

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    the sidewalks around the building seem a little wide; they shouldn't be more than 5' along a regular street or 10' along a major thoroughfare

    Unless... you fill them with vending machines, stalls (fast food?), subway entrance stairs, and stuff like that. Right?

  • To me, steam punk is gears and steam, some springs, to replace that electricity thing, which didn't pan out.

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    I have a few addition suggestions. (Sorry, but stopping is still hard.)
    1. I think you should rotate the elevator/stairs block 90º so the stairs face the doors with the service room(s) on the opposite side of the elevators. (One of the rooms could contain the utilities stack and cleaning supplies and would be locked while the other could contain with the garbage chute/­disposal unit would be unlocked.) 
    2. For sidewalks I usually use a concrete tiles bitmap scaled so that each tile is a 5' square. You can put anything you want to fill them up but the side­walk itself should be concrete.
    3. The corner rooms should not be divided by a diagonal wall. Instead make them larger apartments with separate bedroom(s) and one door to the corridor.
    4. The two elevators could service separate sections of the building with each accessed by the appropriate key card. The first section (from floors 2 to N) would contain bachelor and one bedroom apartments while the second (floors N+1 to the penthouse) would have two bedroom apartments and family suites. Both elevators access the Lobby and Basement floors. For security there are only four buttons (up, down, lobby and basement) with the doors only opening on other floors registered on the key cards held by the passengers.
    5. A warning tone tone will sound if a resident or unauthorized visitor enters the wrong elevator. If anyone without an appropriate key card tries to exit the elevator on an unauthorized floor an alarm will sound. Yes, strangers will need a temporary security pass to visit residents while residents may visit other apartments by having a digital pass encoded on their cards. (These are available from the management for a small fee. ;) Cyberpunk, you know.) Management and maintenance have special passes so the can do their jobs.

  • This looks like a good modern apartment building. However, I am left perplexed as to how people get inside. Maybe I am missing the doors or it is assumed that you park below and take the elevator up.

    I think making this look cyberpunk is a bit difficult. First, I think you need to decide if you want the 80's retro cyberpunk or something more contemporary. When it comes to this building, I think you need to pick a socioeconomic class for the building.

    For example, if this is a corporate apartment for those with good money, then you are going to have larger apartments. There will be a lobby with a doorman as well as armed security. There will be cameras in the hallways. Doors for entrance to the apartments will have electronic keypads or biometric scanners of some sort. Inside there should be flat screen TVs and a computer.

    On the other hand, if this is lower class apartments, then small apartments. There will be a laptop on desks. Graffiti will be painted on walls and the sidewalk. Probably no security cameras. Certainly no paid security. Many of the hallway lights will be burned out.

    Cyberpunk, especially if you are sticking with the 80's version of it, really needs a lot more neon. Blue and pink are pretty common, but yellow or green can work. I am assuming the yellowish bars are supposed to be lights. Inside the apartments, I would go with a more blue-white look that is common with contemporary LED. I would add some neon mood lighting to the beds. The hallways would be some neon color for the hallways. I would get rid of the red/green for what I presume are doors. They look christmasy. If you have to leave them, then make them neon green and red. Overall, the lights need to have an outer glow to them no matter what the color.

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    Loved your comments Dalton. For sure I'll take all them in consideration for the V2 version of the map! Thank you so much.

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    Amazing ideas for the color sets. I tried to build an darkish map change the RGB for the floors and try to accomplish the look and feel of cyberpunk adding the floor lights. But you're right that the traditional blue and pink colors are missing.

    On the initial comments, this is a 6th floor, so all the entrance stuff is not planned to be here. This building is intended to be middle class. Specialized technicians up to low managers should be around.

  • Middle class is going to be difficult to convey in a map. Wealth will have high tech and lots of security. Lower class is grunge, graffiti, no security, with efficiency style apartments. Middle class will lack defining features that will convey cyberpunk. The top down view that maps necessitate also make it difficult to convey cyberpunk because you cannot show the walls.

    I will say that all the dark makes reading the floor plans in the rooms a bit difficult so anything that brightens them up for easier use will be helpful.

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    My sister's high-rise apartment building has a number of shops and businesses on the ground floor under the tower including a dry cleaner, a travel agency and a small variety store so she doesn't have to leave the building to get the essentials. These are separate from the elevators to the apartments and the building manager's office which require an RF key fob or being buzzed in to access. 

    In my cyberpunk version of her building the annunciator panel in the lobby could issue a temporary pass for visitors/delivery people that would charged to the tenant's account (see points 4 and 5 above for details). For security purposes the panel would include an id checker and hi-res camera.
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  • Loke Battlemaps is making official maps for Cybperunk Red. Based on the sample images on their website, it looks like they are using the modern symbol set for CC3. I might be wrong, but it looks that way. As such, the luxury home has 0% on the Cyberpunk scale.

    There are some street images. Outside of the grunge aspect, what makes it cyperpunk is the strong neon lighting. The street stuff certainly seems more cyberpunk than any of the building interiors.

    So I think the lesson here is that either there needs to be some cyberpunk art packs/annuals or rendering cyberpunk on a map is hard. Or both.

    If the streets look at least used, the floors are easier to see, and some defussed neon blue/pink is added to the apartments then it will look at least as cyberpunk as the current licensed products. I would actually say more because the apartment building will look better than theirs.

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