The Expanse rpg; A smaller starship, Annual scifi tiles

I started working on this awhile back. Maybe I'll finish it, maybe not.

I had to jump up the Bulkhead effects so they would show up at this scale. Longest is 410' widest is 240'.

900 pixel jpg, 2000 gallery.

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    More detail. The red letters in Engine Room says Danger and Power Supply. Probably need to make them larger.

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  • I really like this Jim. It looks like it would be loads of fun to use in a Traveller game, or as a battle map for a game of Warhammer 40,000 Crusade.

  • Thanks. I got a deal on The Expanse rpg pdfs. Rules are a bit too 'cinematic' for me. But I can use it for my Traveller site to.

  • Excellent!

    Makes me think of what a Borg ship (smaller) would look like.


  • Not cubular though. I just don't have the skill to draw a 3D hull.

  • Did a bit more. I'm getting tired so I will do something else.

    Added more rooms and things. At this point, restrooms and personal stowage is presumed but not drawn.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

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    Well, going over this map... you can't get there from here... Needs a central passageway, two side passageways, and connect from there.

    This doesn't have that. Anyway. I added restrooms and showers.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

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    In case folks are wondering what I'm doing... I like to look over old map threads, to see if I need to work on anything about once or twice a year.

    This star ship needs some rework.

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  • After a bit of debate with myself... I added the above ship to my Expanse web site.

    I now have the Beyond the Ring official pdf. Wormhole device, ancient civilization technology, found beyond the Oort Cloud. No planet maps, but info on each one. So, I'll be making them with FT3+ and editing in CC3+. The wormhole station is run by... something.

    And encountered a type L zero star... Never heard of it. Looks to be recently added, well, recently in astronomical time. Brown dwarf star cooler and than a type M star.

    The game doesn't use the Hertzsprung-Russell star type diagram, but a different one. I"ll figure it out I'm sure.

    Why yes, I am just waiting for EQ 2 to come back up after a patch.

  • I'm going to be using this thread for my The Expanse rpg maps, etc. that is why I edited the subject line.

    This game chose to use a ring station, that is an opening for a wormhole, to connect to over a thousand planets. The 'entity' that runs the station is a bit odd.

    Anyway, here is a preliminary map of the Ring.

    There are some ships that orbit the ring, but some ways off. The 'entity' that runs this had a speed limit set of 600 m/s for any object approaching the center. Those ships had to be abandoned, and the resulting 'debris' is now being used by the station as building blocks of some sort.

    The station assimilated, and altered any people who went on board. And not in the 'nicer' way the Borg do it.

    After having read more of the pdfs, this comes across to me as more space fiction horror than as sf.

  • The Expanse is a series of novels, Jim - I'm sure the game is based on them. And Space-Opera / Space Horror is a good description. They're a very good read, with a better than average streaming tv adaptation as well.

  • It is a bit confusing. One site said the game was first, another said the books were first.

    The game is rather cinematic, but there are definitely horror aspects to it

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    It all started, apparently, as a roleplaying game the two authors, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (who write under the pen name James S. A. Corey) were involved in. The worldbuilding there became the basis of a computer roleplaying game they were hired to develop by a company that went under. They ended up retaining the rights to the setting, and decided to write novels set in it (a total of nine, plus several shorter works that are mostly background material on the major characters). The novels start off as dystopic future, and proceed to post-apocalyptic (literally), and can certainly be described as horror sf. The novels became the basis of the SyFy TV show (later moved to Amazon), but the published RPG is based on the novels. (There's some oddities in the licensing, which is apparently being done novel by novel - the original game covered the first novel only.)

    The differences between the TV show and the novels are very minimal, however, primarily because Abraham and Franck were on the writing staff for the show, and were diligently listened to. (Because of how it all came to pass, when they were writing the series bible - one of the first steps in developing a TV show from a book - they had to actually trim out a lot of material instead of expanding on it.)

    The TV show is one of my all time favorite sf shows ever, because I like hard scifi, and they really put the "science" in the "science fiction."

    The novels are better.

  • The Wormhole nodes. The galaxy is a map made by NASA based on data and research.

  • I found this map years ago, our local star area. I found it on this site:

    Note it isn't https.

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  • A bit of improvement. I used earlier ships...

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