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I am a little confused about the Annuals training files. As far as I know I have all of them of which I have installed all of them. I am assuming that the installation is to get the symbols and map templates. It also mentions that there are training files or some sort of tutorial. I cannot seem to find any tutorials or training files for any of the Annual sets. I don't have any in my downloads page either. Should I be looking in the CC3+ program? or in a specific directory? or am I misunderstanding something?



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
    The documentation for each annual is in the subfolders beneath @Annual.

    You can also get to them by going to Tools --> Addons --> Annual xxxx. This will bring up a webpage in your browser with links to the documentation for each issue.
  • Thank you

    I cannot find a folder @Annuals, I did however find a few of them in My Documents folder but does not appear to have all, only about 3 of them. I will just have to find them on the webpages as suggested.
  • I have CC3Plus\Annual\each issue has its own folder. In each folder is a pdf for that annual.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 15 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    Hi Goblixie :)

    If you did a default install the full path to find the "Annuals" folder is:


    It's inside the CC3Plus folder. We use @ as a shorthand to indicate anything inside the CC3Plus folder. It's just easier than typing it out in full every time we refer to one of its many subfolders.
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