[FT3] Deep ocean question

I have a spot of deep ocean that averages somewhere over 29000 ft deep, which displays as white. I was under the impression that when using this color scheme (CA155 - FT3 HC Gamut), that the white color didn't start until 30000 ft deep. Is this true? Is it possible I have an issue with my map? I would like to make sure everything is cool before doing any further work on it (such as exporting to CC3+).

Screenshot attached, was taken with my mouse over the spot in question so that depth and other info for that spot is displayed.


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    Use a background of dark blue, and your spot will disappear - like magic, it's a miracle, the hot weather will melt it away. it will be a beautiful thing.
  • Hehe, awesome Quenten. I'm assuming then that area is still included in the map, and not some odd "hole" in it?
  • Yes, the former. It will be the greatest ever, just perfect..like the letter
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    The white and red are altitude gamut markers - warnings for when you come close to going beyond the limit when you are first sculpting your world.

    If you change the colour scheme to "CA155 - FT3 HC Flat" (or Blend) they will disappear.
  • Ah, thank you Sue! That makes a lot of sense, and I was wondering about the other color schemes... ;-)
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