European castle


After the oriental castle I turn my mind to a european medieval castle-like.
I got a lot inspired by real castles near my home (lucky me). The design is this time however entirely mine.


I'm not quite satisfied but am at a loss... Any idea? Thanks!

Edit : pic no more clickable, see below.


  • Once again, amazing!
  • Amazing, indeed!
  • Yep, very cool! Although this version is a bit small and as such it's hard to see any of the details.
  • Thank you!

    I've modified some scales and split the jpg in the four parts :

  • Ah, a lot better. Really well done. I like the layout and the flair (the ornamental stuff to the left has a great Medieval feel).
    The handwriting is a bit difficult to read I think... it's like it was done with a really shaky hand :-)
  • Posted By: Gandwarfthe ornamental stuff to the left has a great Medieval feel
    It has a CC3 story too...
    I first drew the design on graph paper, using medieval models found on the net.
    I scanned my sketch and imported the file in CC3 where I retraced it with splines.
    The resulting outline was then exported as a PNG and worked with PhotoFiltre and Gimp.
    At last the png was converted in a symbol.
    Posted By: GandwarfThe handwriting is a bit difficult to read I think
    Do you? I thought it enhances the medieval touch. Do you think it would be better with some gothic like font?
  • Yeah, the shaky effect messes with my eyes. I wouldn't change it unless more people complain about it though. Maybe it's just me!
  • I think the text looks great as-is. It has a little bit of "shake" to it, but it adds to realism (in college I did peliographical work on some classical greek texts - no one has perfect handwriting with a quill)
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    Hi all!

    I'm (over)proud to announce that I've finished a long to birth project : A Guide to Castle Riche-Guêt.
    I hope you'll find it useful and am eager to get feedback because it's a first draft.
    I hade to separate in two files because of the 1000 kb restriction and sincerely hope I don't abuse. There's a nicer one that weights 57 Mb though...
  • Thats pretty slick Joachim!
  • Very cool! Thanks for sharing these, Joachim!
  • I particularly like the side-view; how long did that take and what was your approach? Did you trace over a drawing?
  • Wow, that must have taken ages to create. Very nice!
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    Thanks all!

    Posted By: kolyanaI particularly like the side-view; how long did that take and what was your approach? Did you trace over a drawing?
    It took long but I don't remember how long. It was done using technical drawing technics: construction lines, construction lines and more construction lines. They still lurk on a hidden sheet.

    Posted By: Gandwarfthat must have taken ages to create
    What took time was the initial drawing on the head of the topic and converting it to POV-RAY. That took even more time because going 3D I noticed inconstencies that had to be corrected first. On my next project, I'll try to work in parallel.
    Putting all in a text file took less than two days...

    Did by the way someone find flaws in the text/maps ? Does anybody know if there's an english for *fenêtres à coussiège*
  • Very Impressive.
  • As for flaws in the text:
    The last page in the PDF contains the word "monster" but should be "monsters" I think.
  • Thanks Gandwarf. I proofread the thing but it's never as good as done by someone else... Especially when English's not your native langage :)
  • It's the only error I caught. There might be more, didn't really look for them (but I read most of the text, so I am sure most of it is correct).
  • I'll wait a bit to see if more nice readers can take the time to check then post the corrected files.
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    pdf hosted here zipped as 2.2 megs, unzips into about 2.3 megs.
  • All my thanks, JimP, but the link doesn't work...
  • Works now. Fixed the link.
  • It may have been intentional, but enemy is misspelled ennemy on the inset map of page 7. This is really great work, Joachim. I bow to your mastery. The inside view with the light coming through the windows -- magnificent.
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    Posted By: Bidmaronbut enemy is misspelled ennemy
    Ooops, sorry. It's my french touch. You see, the french for enemy is "ennemi" and it was a text added in CC3 so no spell checker...
    Thanks for the comment and I'd said I'm rather proud of the view you describe.
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