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[Mapping Competition] WIP: Areneae Keep

MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer Administrator
This is the beginning of my outside map for Areneae Keep for Lorelei's mapping competition. Thanks for creating the competition with these great prizes.

I've started with the outside, but the plan, if I have the time, is to make interior maps as well.

Right now, the map isn't anything to look at. I need to get the structure in place first before I decorate it.

My map shows the main keep from the area map. Since the area map shows multiple buildings here, I decided that the main building is a single fortified building, and not a full castle with walls and multiple buildings inside the walls, I am thinking it is a bit more spread out because of how the buildings are placed on the map. Perhaps there once was a main wall blocking the pass that gives access to the keep?

One of my main challenges here is to give this a ruined look. Perspectives itself doesn't really offer much in the area of broken walls, so I need to draw this myself. Getting the perspective right on these things is quite tricky. Getting parts to fit, like the floor that wraps around the tower and is partially in front of it and partially behind it is also an interesting challenge.

Just getting this far required a lot of construction lines, some maths, and a good understanding of the various coordinate systems in CC3+.


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