Watabou Cities, City Block/City Block Outline vs. Buildings

I have a question about the sheets on Watabou. If you take all of your City Block and City Block Outline elements and put them all on the Buildings sheet does that effect your map in any way other than visually? I know it basically combines those two elements on the buildings sheet and makes it so that they can't be separated again but other than that are there any effects that you can't see such as rendering issues or file size or something like that?

Bottom line, would is screw up my map to do that?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 45 images Cartographer Administrator
    Well, the bad things about doing that would be:
    - They don't have the same effects. If you combine the sheets and combine the effects, it will mean that all the entities will be effected by all the effects, and not just the appropriate ones
    - It would be much harder to keep things ordered properly. With different sheets, the outline is always on top of the buildings. Using the same, sheet, you will need to manully bring things to front/back.

    But apart from that, it won't effect rendering or file size.
  • kevbeck43kevbeck43 Surveyor
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    Thanks Monsen. I appreciate your quick response. As always the customer service here is excellent.
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