[CLOSED] Community Atlas, Forlorn Archipelago, Fisher Island, Moroni Range, local maps

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Area map, Eyrie to the west, Elves to the East. Small village near the mountains, tower for possible help miles to the North.

A ground level entrance for the dungeon city, maybe some ruins, maybe an active settlement.

Maybe an orc village or so. We shall see what time and good fortune bring.

map is 43 miles by 64 miles, had to tweak the map border and background.


Ah, Having remembered to read the map notes for this area, I made some mistakes above.

Moroni Range: the large western range transected by Starshine Forest and its river that flows through the
forest to the sea. Home to giant eagles, allies of the elves, and less desirable monsters – wyverns, rock
giants, and those pesky goblins and kobolds.

* Renshaw’s Eyrie: Raised by the notorious Bandit King, Roaring Renshaw, a bandit chieftain who
spreads mayhem and terror in the surrounding countryside.

Starshine Forest (elves): An elven forest ruled by an elected prince. The elves are good friends with the
Kingdom of Zarto, and aid in keeping the humanoids of the mountains to its west in check. They also are
opposed to the banditry practices by the self-styled Bandit-King of Renshaw’s Eyrie.


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