Thanks for the freebies.

Much appreciated to get some freebies with the latest update for CC3+
Happy mapping everyone!


  • seycyrusseycyrus Traveler
    I love the idea of Freebies and such, but alas, I am confused. I've got so much stuff and I am falling further and further behind every day. It's hard for me to keep things straight. This free stuff was part of annuals before, and is being added to the base CC3+ package, right?

    Looking at the Readme... "Added city and dungeon menu to base setup". "Added basic city and dungeon tools to base setup"
    That means if you only have CC3+, you have new options to use. If you have CD3+ and DD3+, you wouldn't notice any difference, right?

    Also, I don't see Naomi Vandoren floorplans available as an option anywhere.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    I think there are a lot of newbies right now who have just recently bought the basic 3, or even just CC3+ itself and nothing else - to have something to do during lockdown.

    This update, combined with the current offer... I think its a beautiful gesture of support.
  • seycyrusseycyrus Traveler
    Posted By: Loopysue... I think its a beautiful gesture of support.
    Yes, I think it's awesome of them. I just can't keep what is old and what is new (to me) straight.

    Do you know about the Naomi Vandoren Floorplans? I select new->floorplans, and don't see an option for Naomi Vandoren. Is there another word for it that is used?
  • It is under dungeons
  • Downloaded and installed. Thanks !
  • Can I add my thanks too - it's much appreciated when the people at a company do something considerate like this. Keep safe!
  • taustinoctaustinoc Traveler
    I am horribly disappointed by this, since I already own everything. (Yes, that's a joke. I applaud ProFantasy for stepping up in this troubling times.)
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