Oriental castle


Here is a japanese castle I copied/modified in CC3 (original is the Inuyma-jô)


(Japanese "lettering" is fancy...)

Thanks for looking or commenting.


  • Looking very cool. I especially like the parchment look and the different "slices" of the castle.
    Not to sure about the text in the lower right corner. It's crammed together and a bit hard to read. Maybe decrease the size a bit or don't make it bold.
  • Coming along great. Perhaps some embellishments around the text (and not making it so cramped). It definitely has an oriental flavor and the architecture looks genuine.
  • That is a very nice map. :)
  • Where did you find your sorce map?
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    Yes, I agree about the text. Will have to change that.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    Posted By: pvernonWhere did you find your sorce map?
  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy
    Beautiful! If you're looking for an alternative font, there are some nice faux-Asian ones around.. for example Chow Fun.
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    Great link, Ralph!

    Here is another version:


    Corrected an error on the east elevation too...
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 13 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Absolutely beautiful. Really gives the oriental feeling. I love the side views as well, makes you really understand how the building looks.
  • Wow. That's really great.
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    Glad you like it... Took me many hours...

    By the way, the roofs, timber and bricks were done with macros... And a lot of trimming...

  • Really nice. I love seeing new ways to use CC3
  • I think that's fab, but I have one comment. The numbers in circles don't match the numbers in the legend in style. I know you want to have them stand out, but maybe you could fake up a numerical method made up of lines and dashes that looks oriental but is possible to read without having to parse Japanese. Something like a gate tally.

    That would avoid having little European numbers all over the castle, but people would still be able to tell what they were. Possibly kanji in a contrasting colour would work.
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    Thanks a lot.
    Posted By: Highland_PiperI love seeing new ways to use CC3
    I don't know if it's really a new way. Fast Cad was originally designed for such work I think...
    Posted By: probstetteThat would avoid having little European numbers all over the castle
    Even if using the line style was fun, I intend to use this map in play and only give an oriental feel. I thus don't want to guess through odd symbols. I agree that I should edit the numbers to use the other font though...
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