Community Atlas - Kristen Traneuk's Villa

Here is a map, taken from Watabou mansions.

I used both the 3D (Italian style) saved as a PNG; and plan version saved as SVG, then converted into DXF and imported into CC3+. All five floors are imported as one file.
It took me 25 minutes, which for a first time go is pretty good.


  • That's very dreamy, Quenten :)

    Somehow the mix between modern image and old floor plan seems to work quite nicely. Maybe its the colours of the image - the way they are relatively pastel.
  • The name is an amalgam of two names - a TV star, and a mapping genius.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Hmm, can't figure out who the TV star is. Then again, I don't really care much about their names, so I rarely remember any anyway.
  • Watch Burden of Truth
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    I can't, I don't have access to TV in any form, neither linear nor streamed, except what is free on the internet. Found the name on the cast list on IMDB, but I've never heard of her (not that I was very surprised by that)
  • I'm the same. TV sucks up so much of your life, and its barely more than an advertising medium these days. Much more fun to spend the same time creating things :)
  • Oh, did you draw the floors in CC3+ ? Or is there a setting to export them from watabou ?
  • Here's a hint, the TV star is a Canadian actress. She was also in Smallville.

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    You export the map as a SVG, convert it to DXF and import it into CC3+, just like for the Watabou cities. All floors come in the same download. No drawing by me was done in the example given, though I did reorder the floors, as they all come in a line under each other. But very easy to move. I also changed the properties of parts of the import to a WALLS sheet (surprisingly used for the walls), and Symbols sheet (counter-intuitively used for all the symbols - windows, stairs, doors etc). Not much more to it really. And then saved an image of the 3D render by using the incredibly complex right click to get up a secret menu which included "Save Image"

    All this work would not be possible without the overheard conversations at Mar-et-Lago from an orange haired hero telling all his guests the state secrets of how to do this immensely intricate operation, codenamed OPERATION MANSION.

    The bottom line - it is amazingly easy, just adapting the technique given in the marvellous Watabou City issue by Ralf.

    BTW, I just can't seem to help my Aussie dry 'sarcasm'. Sorry everyone, I will NEVER do this again, till tomorrow.
  • Dagohir, you got it right
  • When I right click and save image, its blank. Thats on the watabou site.

    I'll export to svg and go from there.
  • kevbeck43kevbeck43 Traveler
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    Kristen Laura Kreuk is the star. The hard one is the mapping genius. I know I overthought this guess.

    Since Tran is not in the name of the star I did some investigation and discovered a cartographer that came from Transylvania. His name was Johannes Honter. He lived from 1498 to 1549. He was known for his cosmography work and was also an author. I'm probably way off though. LOL.
  • Christina Trani, aka Lorelei. But great delving, kevbeck
  • Way to abstracted for me to get it! LOL!
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    Lorelei was the easy part. Knowing Quenten's love for mixing in names, I noticed her influence on the name before I even read Quenten's first comment about the name.

    The mansion generator looks cool, but it is a bit too fond of large overhangs, and it often comes up with rather weird connections. Very few look like a "normal" mansion, i.e. something someone would actually build.
  • What unimaginative architecture you have in Norway. We see many such monstrosities in Australia - also great for fantasy megalomaniacs. The Drumpf mansion.
  • Gawwwww......Q, you flatter me. I don't have any kids, so at least I'll live on in Quenten's maps!! Love it, thanks Q
  • Not flattery, a tribute and genuine admiration
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    Here is an update. I have converted the picture to a vector drawing, so it can go into the Atlas - don't know where yet.
  • This is really great Quenten. The cool things you do are always so inspiring. I truly enjoy and appreciate your maps. :)
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    An update. Using Character Artist, and Tokens Treasury frame, in addition to better symbols for windows and doors, and some furniture
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    I am doing a bit on several maps each day.
    Here is the third floor and 3D picture complete. All vector except the trees and clouds from Alyssa Faden Style.
    Now I have the roofs and stairs to my liking, I will be able to do the rest fairly quickly.
    I would appreciate critical comments and suggestions, and bask in any compliments :D
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 23 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
    Wow! that must have taken you ages to sort out all the rooms. Nicely done, Quenten :)

    I just have one little nitpick. The roof ridges seem to extend a tiny bit too far in places.
  • I meant to do that deliberately, but now I look at the 3D and the overall effect, I think you are right... again! LOL
  • I mean, i like this project in particular :) Seriously, though, this is amazing work you are putting into these. Really great use of this generator!
  • Thanks. I will be putting this in your city, BTW (which I am working on at present, trying to get the cliffs right)
  • I like this a lot! Keep us updated!
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  • An Update - nearly finished. Does anything need changing at this change.
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    Kristen Traneuk's Villa is complete. I need to finish the city of Archesyne (which now is my priority project) to fit it into the Atlas
  • This is fantastic!!!!
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