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The Green Dragon Manor


My players whomped through Phandalin and were able to kill the baby green dragon in addition to seizing the Redbrand hideout. So, they've now begun reconstructing the derelict manor. One of the players found a floorplan which I've adapted and mapped up in CC3+ using the SS4 Schley symbol set.



First floor (the title should be Green Dragon Manor, but I hadn't fixed that yet)

Second floor

Third floor

I believe there are also plans for a wizard's tower, but not sure just yet... ;)


  • Those are some very beautiful maps. Your players should worship you for them! :)
  • JMunsonIIJMunsonII Traveler
    edited November 2019
    Thanks Lorelei and Loopysue (who also gets an LOL). :)
  • Lovely map! Great work.
  • Wow! A great manor. Any chance of placing it in the Community Atlas
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    Wonderful work, thank you very much for sharing!
  • Thanks Scott, Quenten, and Ralf.

    Quenten - due to the map being based off an actual floorplan, though not exactly the same, I am not certain it can go in the Community Atlas if it were even up for consideration.

    However, if such a thing is wanted, I will concoct an original floorplan that could be put in there if the group wants such a thing.
  • I am sure that the fact it is based off an original floorplan is OK, unless that floorplan is copyrighted (eg, Tegel Manor)
  • While it isn't a gaming floorplan that provided the basis for this map, it is a real life one and I'm sure it is copyrighted. As this map is for private use only, I'm not concerned here, but I don't think this particular map should be in the community atlas.

    I'll create another, original, floorplan for such purposes.
  • It would be great to have one of your excellent maps in the Atlas. Also, a map of a mine based on your annual would be great - perhaps a level of a dwarf mine.
  • Alright, I'll put a couple things together. The mine might be a bit as the manor will be a little easier/quicker to get done.
  • Wonderful!

    But a little bit of critique:

    Why does the barn part have three levels, and the main house only two? Even if the ceiling height of the servants quarters on the left is lover than the staterooms, a house that big would have a large roof, which, even if only slightly slanted, would offer ample space for more servants quarters and attic storage space.

    No basement? Nothing at all? Not even a cold pantry under the kitchen?
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  • @Treczoks:


    This was a floorplan developed by the players, not me. As it was, I had to adapt the garage (a modern thing) into a stablery, which required moving the second floor rooms (that were over the garage) to a third floor. Their "budget" wouldn't allow for further upper floor modifications, thus the lack thereof.

    The basement is actually the sublevels of the Redbrand Hideout (Phandalin), as this floorplan is the renovated Redbrand Hideout.
  • Beautiful maps as always Jon. I hope that you have players who appreciate the work that you do for them.
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  • This is amazing work! I love the detail. Two questions:
    1. I know it may be obvious, but to create 3 floors do you set that up in the new drawing wizard where you can set multiple levels?
    2. Given the detail, do you find your computer runs quite slow in producing the sheet effects or even just in drawing without sheet effects?

    Anyhow...terrific job and thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Rob
  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Surveyor
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    Fantastic!!! This is the kind of work that CC3+ really excels at and the SS4 Schley symbol set was perfect for it. The only things missing were a key to the map and any underground levels. (What can I say; I like my dungeons. 8D) Of course if you could write an article (either here, as a blog or maybe even a CA edition) detailing step-by-step how you created them it would be wonderful. (I think I've seen something like this before somewhere, but not so large or detailed.) I'd really like to DL the actual map files to see what I could learn from them but since this seems to be a work in progress I don't expect them anytime soon.

    Addendum: I just read through the earlier posts here and noticed you are working on a fully original set inspired by these plans. Some points you might want to consider:

    1. A large mansion is usually built in sections: first the main central structure then the wings. The walls between the center and the wings are usually thicker than regular interior walls (they used to be outside) and the center will tend to have more stories and deeper basements than the wings.
    2. While there may be a carriage house (garage) attached to the mansion, an actual stable/barn for the horses would be built at a distance from the main house because of the smell. (Poor people may have to live with their livestock, rich people don't.) There might be servant quarters attached and they may be screened from view of the main house by trees.
    3. There should be servant's quarters somewhere (perhaps in an attic or basement) as well as secret passages for them to move unobtrusively about their duties. (The possibility of secret tunnels connecting the mansion to outbuildings or other locations shouldn't be ignored.) Remember anything secret should be hide-able; family and servants may know about them, visitors shouldn't.
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  • Greetings!

    @RobPappin - Thanks! In answer... 1: I create "new" drawings for each floor, getting rid of the stuff under that floor that I don't need to keep the file smaller and render time lower. 2: I'm running this on a Ryzen 2950, and I'm not noticing any lag. It DOES take a long time to render everything (and I didn't even do lighting!), but I'm not sure if that space of time is actually fast or slow given my machine. I have no problems drawing with sheet effects, though without them on it is definitely faster.

    @DaltonSpence - Thanks! :) This map was done for my group, hence no key. I've done my own sort of mansion (post coming shortly), and decided that a key is not really necessary - just a written description would suffice. This way anyone could make a key for their own use as necessary. Most of the rooms' symbols give clues as to what the rooms are for anyway. Your comments are mostly addressed in my next iteration of a mansion (Kaerolin Manor), so see that post. ;)
  • What do you use for the wash out effect for the below floor? I really like this idea, hadn't thought of it before, and would definitely like to try and use it.
  • JMunsonIIJMunsonII Traveler
    edited December 2019
    I make a new sheet below (which is actually “above”) the sheets I want to obscure and put a rectangle on the sheet that is the size of the map within the border. I also create a layer for it as that makes management a little easier. That rectangle is filled with a suitable texture. In the sheet effect, I add a blend mode of screen and adjust to taste. Then I create new sheets below that screen that duplicate the lower level sheets I obscured but need to replicate for this level (including sheet effects).

    I don’t think it is practical to create a single sheet to move the lower floor to given the disparate sheet effects applied.
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