Post Apocalyptic Maps

Are there any packs that would allow me to create modern Post Apocalyptic building maps etc using Profantasy software?


  • Gantry,

    As a low-medium level user, I don't think i have seen anything devoted to that.

    But to further the conversation, what elements do you think would be important to have in such a pack. WOuld it be the same stuff as a contemporary pack (cars, planes, modern roads etc.) or something different?
  • Hi Gantry. You might try a search on this Forum using "post apocalyptic", checking both the Topics and Comments options, as similar queries have come up a few times before, albeit usually not with any simple answers, unfortunately.

    The difficulty is it really depends what you consider suitably post apocalyptic, and exactly what kind of map you're wanting to construct. For instance, if you need a building map similar to a battlemap for gaming on with miniatures, CC3+ will easily create walls and floors for you using a variety of textures, and onto which you can add various symbols for different types of debris, grime, and similar features, particularly if you use the Dungeon Designer 3 add-on software as well (because it's meant to be used for things like this). You may need to be a bit creative with how you use certain symbols, and you may need to draw additional key items that aren't available as symbols which you may need. You might also find helpful some items among the free symbol collections linked to from the first item in this topic (it's the sticky topic at the top of the Community Support Forum list). Plus other CC3+ add-ons such as Symbol Set 3 or Cosmographer 3 may help with what you need as well.
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