Hi Everyone

So, I finally finished my Mythological Greece map for my upcoming Legend campaign setting. It's not meant to be historically, or mythologically, correct. It's just what I though would make a fun setting with plenty of opportunity for adventure.

I've had to resize the images for the forum, so lots of detail has been lost, but I've thrown in some crops of different areas so you can all see the maps better.

It will be a couple of months before I start running any games in the setting, so I might make changes between now and then, but for now I'm happy with the results and hope you all enjoy.

First up, a crop of Crete. I used Crete as the guinea-pig as I developed the style, symbols, fills, sheet effects etc., and only started working on the rest of the map once I'd got it right. Some of you may have seen my first couple of attempts in other threads.



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