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Hey all. I am looking for particular from those of you that are comfortable doing cities and advising on building them. I was graciously gifted the responsibility, by our very own modern day DaVinci Sue, of completing Sanctuary as she has much on her plate right now getting her Patreon going (I am so looking forward to the assets she will be providing us!!!!) and other projects. You all know that I have repeatedly said I am not comfortable with cities, so I'm needing some help. I've working on completing a few of the districts that Sue had started and also have done a few of my own. Now, each district is a bit cultural in nature, but there are also buildings and areas that are very communal and civic, as well.
So....where might I build a prison? Now, Sanctuary is a pretty peaceful city, with little crime, as everyone there is grateful for the "sanctuary" and safety it provides since it was settled when the lands were very wild with tribes and barbarians roaming the lands. However, crimes still happen. Within a district or perhaps just outside the city walls near the river?

Also, cemeteries? In the city or out? Opinions?


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    I can't remember where I planned the cemeteries, Lorelei. I don't think I got as far as that.

    How about making the prison underground - a large maze the baddies are doomed to wander? You could have people escape from time to time through the waterfalls maybe? (thinking of the story of the city)

    The outside of the wall was intended originally to be a huge shanty town, but the symbols for that sort of thing are currently a bit limited. Maybe some of it could be a large cemetery instead?

    Just ideas, though. Please don't feel limited by them ;)
  • Hmmm...maybe i can change the buildings next to The Forges and make that a prison with more cells and perhaps a prison mine underground.
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    A prison mine, eh?

    Why not! Make them pay for their evil ways :P
  • A prison would probably be close to the city guard barracks. In fact, a dungeon prison would probably be built underneath the city guard's barracks... with the only 'known' entrance and exit being through the barracks. It would definitely be near the barracks, or perhaps the Magistrate.

    As for cemeteries… in a city that size, there would be more than one. A city that size would have at least 3 or 4 churches, and each one would have it's own cemetery. Then you would also have a secular cemetery... one that isn't associated with any church, probably where the paupers are buried... and it would probably be the largest one. All of them would be inside the city. I hope that helps!
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    I don't know if the cemeteries would be inside the city unless it was a war torn state. But people are pretty peculiar about having to have their dead inside the walls I suppose. If it were up to me I'd not waste any space on them inside the walls. They don't need to be kept safe... do they?

    Our cemeteries are never in the heart of town. Always on the outskirts. They only end up in the heart of cities because the city outgrows the old boundaries.
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    I just looked at London as an example, and confirmed that the cemeteries are all outside the old city boundary as it would have been back in the middle ages.
  • maybe they do it differently here in the States. Every cemetery I've ever seen has been attached to a church. And the churches are always inside the city...

    Now we do have city cemeteries that might be inside or outside city limits... But yes... the oldest of cemeteries are outside the 'old city', but usually end up inside the city, because the city grows around it. And in a city the size of what you all have here... there would be multiple cemeteries, mostly inside the city... because the city would have grown out around them. In fact... there would probably be some type of cemetery in each of the different cultural subdivisions... so that burial rituals would be followed according to that culture.
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    When I do cemeteries for my fantasy cities I almost always put them outside the city walls. Even if you wanted to put a church with a cemetery. If some evil cleric or demon is going to come by and raise the dead I'd rather have them outside the walls of the city... not to mention for sanitation purposes so there aren't a bunch of rotting corpses soaking into the ground of the city and possibly the water table.
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    Maybe its because of the Black Death and the fear of having corpses so close to the living that our dead tend to be buried outside the settlement. In Weymouth where I grew up I lived in an old cemetery gatehouse for a little while - the dead never bothered me and the rent was cheap. This cemetery was right next door to the much older mass burial pits dating back to the Black Death in 1664-6. Until the Victorian era (the last 200 years) both these places lay firmly outside the town on the opposite shore of a small lake (now a bird reserve that cuts the town in two)

    The cemetery had a gatehouse (where I lived), and an absolutely tiny chapel at the centre of it that was big enough to lay out a single dead person so the family could pay their last respects before the burial. The church that stands outside the west wall of the cemetery on the furthest side from the mass burial pits must have stood in glorious isolation - being the furthest building from the rest of the town at the time it was built. Other churches were built in town, but they never had cemeteries attached to them.

    I think we have different living patterns, and I think these are caused by ingrained taboos caused by such horrors as the Black Death. The inconvenience of having to walk a couple of miles to visit that particular church was outweighed by the race-memory fear of the Black Death - which wiped over 1/3 of us out in what must have seemed like an apocalypse, or even the end of the world. The USA has never lived through a horror like that, so you are bound to have different practices where the dead are concerned (as well as far more space to build larger more sprawling settlements).
  • I'm pretty sure the reason most American cities have cemeteries connected with a church and not outside city walls is that most, if not all of American cities were built long after walls were necessary (the city walls of even New Amsterdam (NYC) are long gone and only marked by the infamous Wall Street)
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    Good point! :)
  • edited June 2019 for now, there is at least one prison. I think I'll do another just outside the walls near the culvert and the cemeteries outside the walls, as well. I'm trying to keep Sue's original intent and have only used her symbols and fills, so I shall have a challenge ahead of me making a cemetery!
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    Oh no! Please don't trap yourself inside the original concept!

    Do it how you want to do it.

    Love the new work there :D
  • Thanks. I worked on this a lot last night. I really should be working on my homebrew campaign (the boat they are currently fighting undead on is taking them to a Masquerade Ball where I plan on revealing the Big Bad's master plan to them), but I suddenly got so caught up in this map I worked for a few more hours on it last night.

    I started on Kalimar. I'm not sure what you had in mind here....but I seem to think it has a bit of a middle eastern feel to it. I've decided to put a University there.
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    Looking really great, Lorelei :)

    I think you may have the kind of patience I lack for the details!

    Looks like I might have left you with some tricky sheet effects the way some of those rooftops are bleaching!

    Alter or delete any you don't like. Just saying - do it your way ;)
  • I like the look of the bleached rooftops :)
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    So my mini stay-cation got rained out. I many hours last night and a few more today working on this....
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    Really love the new work, Lorelei! :D

    Never mind the broken laptop - I didn't and still don't have the patience to make each individual building different like that.

    Very nice work :D
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    I LOVE the little mine shaft entrances! Superb :D
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    I think some of the bits I did are probably a bit too plain now that I see what you are doing. I really don't mind if when you get closer to finishing it you decide to redevelop some of the more boring bits ;)
  • Outer city just about complete - just have to add a few larger buildings and a few cemeteries
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    Love the map, love the colours. Love everything, keep on going!
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    Oh Indeed! Gorgeous work Lorelei :D
  • Thanks. Things are starting to bog down my system some (i have to load the sheets with soooo many effects on them one at a time or it wont load - im sure it's all the houses in shanty town). So anyone wanting this map NEEDS to have a decent machine to handle it or it will never load. I wonder.... @Monsen can you have an .fcw in the atlas saved without the effects on so it will load easier??
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    I can, but then you should ensure that viewing the map without effects makes sense, i.e. that it isn't just a blob of solid colors like many maps that rely on effects look like with them off. Needs to look like a map when people open it.
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    How about hiding the entire shanty town area by default by putting it on a layer called shanty town, and only showing it when ready to render it?
  • I can try that. I may have to do that with the Bushes, Trees and Palms, too. There are quite a lot and still a bit more to go and it was working quite well until i worked on the outer city and surrounding fields.

    And, i forgot - it would be all blobs of polygons without the effects on so there's the answer to that.

    I REALLY hope i sorted out this map. Remy, i'm going to send it to you now. When you have a hot minute can you take a look? I was playing around when sue first sent this to me and of course, used some of Sue's trees i have on my system she shared with me long ago before she released them with PF. I am pretty sure i replaced all of those symbols with Sue's that can be accessed by those with her Annuals. If it's not right - let me know how to correct it and I'll try before i lay this mess at your feet. Or, i may have wasted A LOT of time enticing everyone with access to a map they may never get :(
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    Don't worry, Lorelei. I'm sure its not as bad as you think :)

    What you could do is have it set up so that only the walled part of the city is visible on opening - nothing at all in the surrounding countryside - no trees or houses at all. People would just have to turn the layers on. As long as the layers are obviously named I don't see a problem with that.

    You could even hide the sheets with the fields on them - hiding quite a lot of the effects, if I remember correctly. And then there's the relief shading. That could be hidden on opening the file as well.
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    Posted By: LoopysueWhat you could do is have it set up so that only the walled part of the city is visible on opening - nothing at all in the surrounding countryside - no trees or houses at all. People would just have to turn the layers on. As long as the layers are obviously named I don't see a problem with that.
    I can add links in the navbar to toggle groups of layers for easy access.
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    Now there's a really great idea :)
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