I made a ship!

So, my players have paid for passage on a ship heading up river during tumultuous times in their realm and have found themselves in a bit of a trap....the ship's captain had cast Seeming on the crew, disguising them as living humanoids when, in fact, they are a crew of UNDEAD!! So for this encounter i really wanted to do something special.... I made up a basic water map and put together my "ship on a budget" threw in a couple of 3d printed crates and barrels and voila! the perfect water encounter!


  • That looks awesome! Great work
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer
    Brilliant idea :D
  • This is very impressively innovative.

    There are quite a few paper dowloadable ship models and deckplan sets (on the OneBookShelf sites such as DriveThruRPG), but I've never seen one using the masts to set up the different levels so nicely before.

    Hope your players appreciated all the effort!
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    Wow. This is seriously cool. Really love what you managed to do here. That open three-deck setup looks perfect for a battle map.
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    Really excellent, I always love ships and their models! :D
  • Thanks everyone! It really was a great night! My players usually never appreciate the details in my maps that all you fine, artistic folks do, but they sure love the visual aids I try to incorporate into my D&D battles. This was actually not difficult to put together. And....I am afraid, I cannot take FULL credit here. The ship was a .fcw I got free somewhere either in this forum, or the free files, or an Annual (???) that i modified (you know me, i LOVE good bones of an .fcw to play with and make my own).

    The cool thing is that the levels do come apart. I glued the masts to their base floor, but them used sticky tack to attach to the deck above so i could take them apart for easier access during battle if need be. Such fun creating this!!!
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    I love this, it's brilliant!
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  • That's a wonderfully constructed piece, Lorelei!

    I particularly enjoy running encounters aboard the PC's ship (whether that's been a starship or sailing vessel). The whole experience strengthens the bond between them and the environment, and I can only imagine that after defeating the undead, your player's must have wanted to take this beauty for themselves?

    Stunning work!

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    You'd think so....it would be ideal (especially since i've concocted a bit of an excursion on a distant island into one of my player's backstories i am hoping they follow), HOWEVER, they decided to abandon it at the docks. The Dockmaster told them they couldn't just leave it there, so the magic users cut the ropes, conjured up a wind spell and a control water spell and sent it sailing down the river unmanned, hahahaaa! I'll have to figure out a way to get this baby back to them....maybe make the boat become sentient? Hmmm......
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    Lol. Players are just the best, aren't they :)
  • Its like herding cats. Nooo ! The treasure is over that way ! Not that way ! Go the other that way !

    I got tired of that. So I told them there were construction signs. 'Turn Around Wrong Way. Area Under Construction !' with a small oil lamp lighting the sign.
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    And I bet they always thought the treasure was in the restricted area :P
  • Not my home players. Store players I just told them what I had brought for the game session to be in. 'Haunted keep about 2 miles from the village.'
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