Hybrid City

I always get messed up when I try to post my maps. The PDF looks best but I think it may be too large to post here, so here is a png. I usually do overland. This map is a rare attempt at a city using several different asset sets.


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    I would say its a very successful attempt :)

    Great work. Cities aren't easy at all.
  • What a great city - begs for exploration.
    BTW, any chance of putting it into the Community Atlas?
  • This is wonderful!!!
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Great Jon Roberts map!
  • Kathleen Ann CoxKathleen Ann Cox Surveyor
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    Oh wow ... thanks for the compliments. I would be more than happy to let it go to the community atlas if people would want to use it. What exactly are the steps to do that? I guess I should go read that thread :).

    After reading the beginning of the thread, I would have to make a few minor tweaks before it would be community ready. I used imported symbols (wagons, ships, tokens, etc.) that I would have to swap with official Profantasy content or delete them. There really aren't that many of them. I guess I should ask to do the submission and then go from there. .
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    You can use any of the third party artwork provided by Vintyri - the CSUAC, Dundjinni, Bogies Mapping Objects and Vintyri collections. They are all listed in the Resources thread at the top of the forum.
  • Monsen's suggestion is a good one.
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    Monsen's suggestion?
  • See the thread at the top - a city in Galahais
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer
    Oh I see now.

    You threw me by referring to a comment in a different thread ;)
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    Thanks to WVFaeryWoman for submitting this great map to the atlas. And welcome as a new contributor.

    It is now found at Morscala.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am so proud and happy to join the ranks of such awesome people!

    Some Quick Notes on the Map Here and the Map in the Atlas:
    1. Ships in the docks have been changed to an Annual overland style instead of the overhead perspective used here because of the requirement not to use custom symbols.
    2. Wagons have been removed from the market areas because they were custom symbols.
    3. Wagons and campfires have been removed from forested area to the east for the same reason--they were on the map as the possibility of gypsies because of a Curse of Strahd/Ravenloft connection in my campaign.
    4. Dragon tokens on top of Silverwind Fallen Shrine were changed to the all CC3+ tokens, but I was never sure they were working the way I wanted them to anyway--these too were connected to CoS/Ravenloft.

    Lore of the City: The city was originally named Hersteps because of the two raised/hill regions that vaguely resemble footprints. Instead of the expected footsteps being depressions, these were the footsteps of some divine/powerful being whose feet briefly touched the ground in this place and when she lifted them from the earth her essence began to pull/draw the earth i.e. humanity toward the heavens with her. Of course, there is the other version of the story about her being an evil demon that the earth itself pushed away and expelled from the area. The true version is obvious and anyone who doesn't recognize it is a blind fool.

    Map Secret: Weydere Lake is one of those "cute" naming conventions that translates to Way There and the tower and/or lake contains a portal to: GM Choice. In my campaign I was toying with several ideas but none of them were on the material plane.

    Well that is how I was going to use the map, but now I have loosed it into the community who knows what secrets and adventures the city may hold.

    Kat-the WVFaeryWoman
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