WIP Pilnderstraad Regional Map (Completed)

Okay, so I've been working on a world map for a new D&D campaign I'm working on. You have seen the world map... currently called Ermengarden… I actually need to change that, as I have changed the world name to Ganocia.

This is the region my players will be starting in... the island prison of Pilnderstraad (Peeln der strahd).

This is mostly a copy/paste type of map... I mostly just enlarged it to make things easier to see.

I'm currently working on all of my labels, so bear with me. I'm not done yet. This is the beginning of my Goddess of Light Campaign

Hmmmmm…. for some reason, half of my text didn't show up. I will have to figure out why not.


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    Posted By: LadieStormHmmmmm…. for some reason, half of my text didn't show up. I will have to figure out why not.
    You're talking about that half line of text below the map? That would be the SCREEN blocking it. If you need to put things outside the map border, make sure it is on a sheet later int he drawing order than SCREEN.
  • Looks great. I love the Wielink style.
  • no, that little bit at the bottom is actually not supposed to be there. No, I'm talking about the labels on some of the forests, rivers, and mountains. It's not done, but right now, all you are seeing is the town names.
  • 8 days later
  • This is the final version of Pilnderstraad, until I put the world of Ganocia together. Admittedly, it's fairly simple, as it is a prison island, there isn't much to it... on the surface... more maps to come as I get them completed. This is the starter area, which will probably get my players to level 3 or 4, before they get to venture out into the world... which gives me plenty of time to finish other areas.
  • very nice map, Storm
  • This turned out really great. You've done an excellent job with the HW style.
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